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Topu Precision Mould Company Limited is a professional manufacturer of mold products, with an experienced and responsible research and design team of six senior engineers, and more than 30 workers. Topu Mould have very strong ability in engineering technology , we use the most advanced CAD/CAM/CAE software for designing, and have over 16 advanced machines, High speed machining center , precision grinder, CNC Wire-Cut machine , CNC EDM are equipped.

Feature: Topu Mould offer all kinds of solutions, engineering consulting service and so on online for customers from all over the world. All the sale managers in Topu Mould who have plenty experiences in mold design, process or machining can take part in the preliminary development for customer. Discussing various technical questions and get professional information you want online , help customer to reduce the lead time and cost and at the same time offer high quality product , all these will help our customer grow quickly .

Topu Mould focus on the developing and manufacturing of small and medium-sized precision mold and injection molding production, specializing in technical support ,prototype, customized production, single or low volume production etc. for small and medium –sized companies and individuals all over the worldwide .

We are trying our best to be an international company to supply integrated technical service, take full advantage of the internet , to manufacture high precision molds for customers all over the world . Topu Mould is aim to be a high quality mold supplier , great solution supplier, superior customized production supplier and so on, attract the customers from the cutting-edge technology service market ,and will win a large share in the near future.

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