So everyone understands: This is my country, and her problems are my problems

Did Sylvan eat this morning?

Did you wait for Sandeep?

I'd do this every day.

I'm doing what's necessary.

The looks bored.


I'm afraid something's come up.

You may remain anonymous.

Don't you start talking like that.

You obviously haven't seen it.

I love listening to music.


Joon doesn't think our approach will work.


Kieran heard someone approaching.

She has this big room all to herself.

I'm supposed to feel sympathy for the convict?

Don't take my head off.

Tatoeba's popularity has been growing exponentially since the day of its inception.

You are invited to a betrothal party a week from now.

Ron couldn't trust Stevan.


How many smoke bombs still have to be thrown until the government actually succeeds in covering up the scandal?

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Are you taking notes?


You need to get out of the house.


Education means something more than going to school.

The bird flew into the woods.

What colour was Henri IV's white horse?

He explained his plan both to my son and to me.

The girl walked slowly.

He's independently wealthy.

I will meet you at the station at 10 a.m.


Think outside the box.

The dog runs out of the house.

He suddenly hung up the phone while I was speaking.

We partied all night long.

I should not have studied yesterday.

You are no longer a baby.

Space is big, really, really, really big.

You're a suspect.

It's obvious he's wrong.

Ireland and England are separated by the sea.

I've got to get them home.

I had breakfast in pajamas.

A good newspaper reporter takes advantage of what he learns from any source, even the "little bird told him so" type of source.

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Don't sound so surprised.

He has trouble remembering names.

I listened very carefully to the member.

What a rude comment!

You don't have to leave.

For the elderly, wounds take more time to heal.

Is there anyone who can answer?

I can't do anything for you.

Paul couldn't tell Ralf how to do what needed to be done.

I think Jussi is lying.

You wouldn't believe the stuff people throw away.

Every year we receive greeting cards painted by mouth.

Your help is vital to the success of our plan.

I'm going to have to stay.

Gilles seemed to be having a lot of fun.

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He explained her he was on a mission.

Jagath is quite secretive.

Hirofumi didn't say a word to me all night.


I'm afraid of being afraid.

All of them except one have citizenship.

Climbing that mountain was a piece of cake.

Let me tell you what Louiqa said.

Quickly stop the flow of milk, leave to stand for approximately 30 minutes for the milk to solidify.


Gale isn't really interested. He's just being polite.

The United States was once part of the British Empire.

Can I stop over in Boston?

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He suffered multiple injuries after falling from the fourth floor.

Nail the windows shut.

Heather was exhausted after his trip and it took him at least a week to recover from it.

He advised me to go there.

I'll do whatever I have to.

Juri doesn't eat meat, does he?

I had hardly checked in at the hotel when he called me.


What time did you come home?

I'll do as you say.

Stanley doesn't even know why he was expelled from school.

I was hoping you could tell me how to do this.

The park is busy every season.

Teri passed away three years ago.

How could you know that?


On the contrary, I've never said such a thing.

I'm having problems with them.

I'm not sure what he was thinking.

The one that gets beaten becomes disqualified.

They are in the final part of the race.

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We want to go to France for our honeymoon.

The defendant was about to stand trial when he grabbed the deputy's gun and shot the judge.

I'm not that good a writer.


Briggs told me to face the truth.


You can go to the bus station.

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Sandip won't be here tomorrow. I guarantee you that much.

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They must have been overcome by the recent disasters.

You're outrageous.

My aunt was pleased with my success.


We can't do anything with that one.

I think the future looks good.

You never realize the value of something till you lose it.

I bumped my knee.

The butter tasted sour.

I thought we'd ask Barry a few questions.

Let her carry it.

Real women have curves.

You and Edward must be busy.

One of the sides of the box is transparent.

Clarissa put two pieces of bread in the toaster.

Get these folks some drinks.

Anderson looked tired.


When was this university founded?

Naren tripped and fell flat on his face in the snow.

Fight or flight.

She's scared of dogs.

Rainer was the only applicant for the job.

Donn was sitting alone in his room.

This expression has really caught my fancy, as a type of English metaphorical expression not in Japanese.

I just made that up.

Look at the flowers trembling in the breeze.

We could just leave it here.

I promised not to breathe a word of the secret.

Yes, there are. How many of you are there, Sir?

Poke the fire. It's going out.


Don't blame yourself.

I'd like to spend a few days with Brendan.

Did you notice it?

Kory entered the building unnoticed.

That sounds great.

Sonja wants to get to know Win better.

The meeting is taking place on Friday.

I like cotton clothing in the summer.

Let's do something different.

The handbag you bought in China is cheap-looking.

I know you considered me a close friend.

A dog is a faithful animal.

We're ignoring them.


Mr. Thomas will be able to solve the problem.

How long have you two known each other?

Could you do me a favour please?

Those of you that live in Boston know what the problem is.

Will you send someone go get a doctor?

Laura wanted to get married, but Hillel didn't.

Her behaviour was out of the ordinary.

They are always believing a groundless rumor.

My wife is a good manager.

Let's ditch him.

You can't be thirty years old.

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Sweetheart, we need to go to the supermarket. We ran out of milk.

Vadim wished he could tell Hume what she wanted to know.

Marvin sat at the counter.

If he were here, he would visit us.

I think Danielle knows why.


I brought the documents to my boss.

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The teachers greeted the little boys.

The world has become dangerous.

It's impossible to predict earthquakes.

Can you take me with you on the plane?

I was very thirsty and I wanted to drink something cold.


Deb already has one of these.

Did you meet Ning there?

Thank you for all your trouble!

Val doesn't like taking risks.

I want you back by my side, Norma.


Don't rely on him much.

Do you think Jean could be telling the truth?

To tell the truth, I drove my father's car without his permission.


He also introduces new characters.

You can't sit with me.

The forest contains many different plants.

I've never even met them.

I said I'll think about it.