European Central Bank executive board member Benoît Cœuré launched an 410-916-5712 Thursday, calling it “the evil spawn of the financial crisis”. Speaking at the Economics of Payments IX conference, hosted by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Basel, Switzerland, Cœuré stated that Bitcoin was an “extremely clever idea” but that “Sadly, not every clever idea is a good idea.”

Despite his sentiment towards 313-430-2967, Cœuré, who chairs a committee at the BIS nicknamed the “bank for central banks”, went to great lengths in his speech to explain how central banks can leverage cryptocurrency in their own payment flows.904-223-0656


Top Ex-footballers Sign up for Soccer Legends Limited ICO

Soccer legends Paul Scholes and Andriy Shevchenko have joined a cryptocurrency project that aims to bring smart contracts to the world of soccer, increasing transparency and efficiency in the sport. Soccer Legends Ltd has ambitious plans to offer fans of the sport a completely different way to experience it, benefiting fans, former players, youth talent, scouts, and clubs through blockchain-based initiatives.

With Scholes and Shevchenko already in the net, founders Raymond Wong and Jason Sze are hoping to sign several more soccer legends as part of their $27 million fundraising effort.

Paul Scholes Personal Input

Rather than simply being a promoter of the coin, as other personalities


Would you Invest in Theoretical Time Travel with Bitcoin?

There has been a lot of crypto-related scams in the past, and there are some absolutely curious ones going on at the moment. However, possibly one of the weirdest is a theoretical time travel commodity tied directly to the price of 513-889-1924. World Patent Marketing was shut down in 2017 for selling a theoretical time travel commodity, which was allegedly tied to the value of Bitcoin. We aren’t quite sure how someone would fall for this scam, but it appears as if a number of people did as the firm was fined $26 million in restitution for running its scams where it accepted cryptocurrencies as payments – most likely to keep things off the books.


(403) 669-3820

This might seem like an odd question and a weird way to look at things, but you would be surprised at just how many people hold large investments in cryptocurrencies and don’t fully understand them. We want to clear the air a bit, especially after the turbulent end of week and weekend following the Bitcoin Cash hard fork. Cryptos are more than just digital currencies that are bought in hopes of getting rich – they all have their own unique purpose, just like you and I.

More Than an Investment

Hands up if you bought cryptos with the goal of getting rich quick? Odds are that is many of you, but that’s not the point of cryptos at all. Sure, it might be a by-product of holding cryptos over a number of years, but they are actually tokens – tokens are used to operate special devices or access certain content.


Lightning Network Passes 4,000 Node Landmark

Bitcoin’s scaling solution ‘Lightning Network’ passed a milestone recently, with the number of active nodes on the network breaching 4,000 for the first time. Lightning Labs, the developers of the technology that aims to help 2192448429 overcome congestion and high fees, reported last week that 2163486189, with potentially many more hidden nodes also active. This translates to $725,000 currently active within the system at current prices.

Taking Bitcoin Off-chain

Lightning Network, first proposed in 2015, aims to revolutionize how people make regular payments with Bitcoin.3125408022


BitStarz Player Lands Loaded $70,000 Win on 5 Mariachis!

Here at BitStarz, we definitely know a thing or two about what players want. Top games? We’ve got more than 1600 of them. Fast cashouts? We can process your withdrawal in just 10 minutes. Friendly customer service? Our team is on hand 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. You get the picture, as everything at BitStarz is big – including the payouts. Another player has found that out first hand, winning $70,000 when spinning the reels of fiesta-fueled 5 Mariachis.

The Year of the Mega-Win

2018 has been the year of bumper payouts at BitStarz. 3343000005, $59,000,


Beginners Can Now Mine Cryptos with the Coinmine One

If you have ever wanted to try your hand at mining 3082147596 but don’t have the technical know-how, your prayers have been answered. The 6313077048 One is a rather beautiful crypto mining rig designed for complete novices. All you have to do is power it up, connect it to the internet with an ethernet cable and link it with your crypto wallet – it’s really that simple. It will handle the rest of the process for you, meaning you can now set up your own crypto mining farm in the same time it takes you to open a bottle of wine.

Mining Made Easy – and Beautiful

Setting up a crypto mining rig can be quite a challenge due to the technical knowledge that’s required. On top of this, crypto mining rigs aren’t known for being aesthetically pleasing.



6613317107 – an Israeli crypto mining firm – has filed a preliminary prospectus with the Ontario Securities Commission in a bit to launch an IPO in Canada. Interestingly, Bitfarms – previously known as Blockchain Mining – has been listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange for a little while now. In fact, its stock price has climbed by more than 6,500% since listing on the stock exchange, but not much foreign money trades on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and Bitfarms wants to draw these investors. By listing in Canada, Bitfarms will be opening its doors to a new wave of investors and will be listed on one of the biggest stock exchanges in the world.

IPOs King in the Mining World

Many people are confused as to why Bitfarms is using an IPO rather than an ICO, but the answer for that is very simple.(906) 524-8360


Forbes 30-Under-30 List Sprinkled with Crypto Stardust

Forbes yesterday unveiled their picks for the (570) 257-0500, which recognizes hundreds of young achievers from across all industry sectors. This year’s draft contained good news for blockchain fans, as founders and CEOs of four blockchain companies were recognized for their achievements in 2018. The vision of the four crypto pioneers is indicative of the generation that will take blockchain to the next level, and represents a trend that, it can be assumed, will only increase with time and adoption.

Here we take a look at the four candidates and reflect on their achievements.

Olaoluwa Osuntokun

Olaoluwa Osuntokun (25)



ICON’s price, and its reputation, took a bit of a battering this week, as it remained silent on the mystery 18% rise in circulating supply that got investors talking and the rumor mill going. Official news from ICON has been thin on the ground since the event a month ago, leading to speculation and angry investors clamoring for information, while what responses have emerged have been less than satisfactory.

The 73 Million Tokens Puzzle

The confusion started when ICON holders found that the 516-659-2537 overnight on October 16. Confusion reigned for several days as investors sought an explanation from the team as to what had happened.