I'm sure Jenine will be here any second.

Pratapwant has a cold now.

Your education is important.


You have to call the doctor and make an appointment.

Before electricity was discovered, Christmas trees used to be lit by candles.

Cary decided to wait for another three minutes.

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What is the name of the restaurant?

Owen made a bookcase.

Kay rummaged through the drawer, looking for a pencil.

Faith can move mountains, but I prefer dynamite.

I am pleased with this vivid portrait in particular.

Almost everyone participated.

He is kind, and, what is still better, very honest.

I can't see.

Fishing is not allowed here.

Many on-line companies need to have a new approach to business to survive.

It is our duty to obey the law.

Sarah is a successful banker.

Ramiro lost the bet.

The game won't fly away, it's fried.

Who is more intelligent?

I can fix this.

The teacher stressed the importance of taking notes.


Dan was subdued by the police before he could light a match and set himself on fire.


"One swell foop" is a Spoonerism, "the flaw in the ointment" is a Farberism.

Linda got into his car, closed the door and drove away.

I wish we could help you.

Plastic has certainly been busy.

And no one ever knew a Battle Sheaf to be among the last load at a Harvest Home.

Don't expect overtime.

The pet store next to my house sells the best pet food you can get.


Wilson lives on the other side of the valley.

Hey, Zgana, how old are you?

Most developing countries are suffering from overpopulation.

Since it rained, we did not go on a picnic.

Is this diamond real or fake?

I'll play with you.

Matt did it with the best of intentions.

I think you should talk to Vickie.

I can't carry on like this.


People don't always behave rationally.

We don't like to get involved.

His long absences were starting to provoke suspicion.

We expected that to happen.

We need strong leaders who are not afraid of standing up to political correctness.


I was kind of surprised that Joon did that.


Your wristwatch is on the table.

All of my relatives are taller than me.

No one knows everything. That would be impossible.


It was a put-up job.

It would've been nice if Rich had told us he'd be late.

What've you been up to?


Vassos understands Vladimir.

I'm over my limit.

Justin and Sassan live near the library.

Mr Brown has a magical way with children.

You guys are a lot of fun.


In space, no one can hear you scream.

Trent might be able to tell us what must be done.

For myself, I have wanted to live in the country.

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The Japanese art of flower arrangement is called Ikebana.


Nothing bad happened.

Bradford asked Raul to help him reinstall Windows.

He has a very materialistic outlook on life.

A snowplow tried to keep the highway near Oslo free of snow on Thursday morning.

I used to dream about you coming to save me.


The car's antenna is built into the windshield.


I've got no complaints.


I won't try to persuade you.

I'm starting to enjoy it.

You must try to avoid hurting people's feelings.

Can I talk to him?

Lynnette is the only person William really trusts.

He has gained enough wisdom not to say so.

It makes no difference to me whether you are rich or poor.

Christina and Louise both live in Boston.

I can tell her everything.

Amanda definitely thinks it's true.

How many different schools have you attended in all?


I'm afraid I have addressed the parcel wrongly.


All of a sudden, The Holy Spirit began to speak to me the things revealed in this testimony.

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This type of mobile phone sells well.

It's not easy for me.

Do you want to go through all this pain again?

My father put a fence around the garden.

From that moment on, the town was recognized as Esteban's town.

Bacterial colonization of the intestine occurs after birth.

I know that Lojban is good for you.

You're adventurous, aren't you?

Emily is too smart for that.


Can I hide in here?

We did our best only to fail.

I don't think we'll be able to hang out together tonight.

Chuck will need a couple of bodyguards.

My books don't sell very well.

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Thanks a lot, Tollefsen, but no thanks.

How far is it from here to Tokyo?

Help finally arrived.

Tobias made me swear not to tell Kemal.

All things considered, he is a good teacher.

Did Srinivas know that he was doing it the wrong way?

He cannot so much as write the alphabet.


I won't wake up even if the alarm rings.

You had no right to interfere.

Troy does it faster than me.

You did a good job today.

Would you like to try it again?

One and a half years have passed since I started to learn Chinese.

Here comes the good part.

Nadeem doesn't know.

He did not go to college for nothing.

Barney wished he could've stayed longer.

Please be here by eight at the latest.

There is no doubt that he was murdered.

That's all the English I know.


He got orders to join his battalion.

I was working that night.

This box is so large that it cannot go into my bag.

He denied knowing anything about their plans.

I think we'd better buy more food.

Why did you invite us?

How do you like your new house?

I'm extremely sorry.

The rain laid the dust.

You are entirely correct.

If you want to seduce this douche, then you'll have to start painting your nails red instead of chewing them.

Lum is writing on the blackboard.

I'll go anywhere with you.


Dana drew a circle in the sand with a stick.

Most of the time I dream in text.

The evidence is questionable.

I wish I could help you.

You must be careful of yourself.

This will tide you over for a day or so.

Are you thinking of going to university?

He always teaches from notes.

Have I ever asked you to work on a Sunday?

This book is very interesting.

The meeting has been postponed until tomorrow.

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I am Death.

I'd hoped to convince you to stay a little longer.

I hate everything about her.

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Remote forest clearings turn out to be great places for raves.

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I can't call the cops on them.

Is there a man in your life?

We don't have much in common.


Will you help us now?

The setting of the story is Japan in the late Meiji period.

Christopher tasted the stew.

That is bad to me.

Tony wants to be like his father.


Driving on an icy street is a dangerous business.

They're afraid of Lum.

Sharon is persuaded he's right.

I didn't have any friends in Boston.

It pays to be polite.

What's the price?

Everything I own is in this suitcase.

Why was I not informed?

Potatoes were being cooked in the kitchen by the girls.

That's exactly what I want.

She called her daughter on the phone.

How could you resist her?

Here comes the waiter.

The trains are less frequent at night time.

I signaled the car to go slow.

Bob is also able to drive.

I have no affiliation with your university.

Lyndon was too busy to notice any change in Tammy's behavior.

They acted on the information.