You did not make a single mistake? That had to be blind luck!

What're you writing?

The prisoner was given his freedom.

Chet took off his hat as he entered the church.

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I talk to myself all the time.

Bob is such a nice person that everybody likes him.

You said you'd help us, King.

I just wanted to listen to some music.

Reid really does detest giving speeches in front of large audiences.

Why did you bring a gun?

Sjouke is eager to meet Angela again.


Mix the flour with two eggs.

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From the old ox, the young one learns to plow.

Do you still practise your religion?

On what account?


I seem to have the wrong number.


It sounds like somebody has a case of the Mondays.

Let's list all the reasons not to do that.

Who should I believe?

I was born October 10th, 1972.

"Now that I think of it, where's Tanimoto?" "Playing the lone wolf, as always."

He returns from Boston tomorrow.

I say this as a compliment.


Her book is very interesting.

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This is Japan.

He saved the boy at the risk of his own life.

Rainer wrote something on the dirty window.


How do you get up to date?


Your car is fast.

I wrote a love letter last night.

Hector must've made a mistake.

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You might want to put this someplace safe.

This works.

It couldn't be Pratapwant.

You seem to know everything.

Does that make any sense to you?

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You want justice, don't you?

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Come on, let's see it.

Are you going to go with her?

We have a door between our offices.

Our civilization ended the day we invented the nuclear bomb.

I've been calling for hours.

Oskar has long hair.

I don't like to use Google Translate.


Wait for us.


I spend what time I can spare in reading.

I won't be able to go to the prom.

In my country, it's usual for pilgrims to beg for alms.

Maybe we should come back another day.

I'll get started on this.

I'd like some input.

Turn to me for help if you are in difficulty.

I'm gonna go cry now.

I have no reason to believe that Mayo won't do what I asked him to do.

We're at peace with the world.

Slartibartfast helped Emily move the furniture.

Nguyen could hear Matt sobbing in the next room.

Lisa and Vincenzo aren't the only two who don't understand.

It is time you got married.

What do we owe you?

He acts his age.

Kees is just a platonic friend.

The machine has stopped functioning.

I had nothing to hide.

She unfolded a blanket.

Her reaction didn't surprise me.

Spencer played guitar for nearly an hour.

He was running and calling for help.

To try to study when you're sleepy is to waste your time.

Spock will be able to drive a car soon.


We can't judge him; he did what he could.

He drank the beer in one gulp.

She claims to have seen kobolds.

Good morning, my love.

You know as well as I do that Jussi doesn't like Murph.

Burn the body.

Federal departments have been hit with an official hiring freeze in an attempt to bring down government staffing costs.


Galileo dropped two balls from the Tower of Pisa.

Why don't you have your motorcycle fixed up?

He who does not see anything strange has never looked a lobster in the eyes.


She likes oranges.

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He is outgoing.

My husband is a doctor.

Apples grow on trees.

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"I'm not as stupid as people think." "Nobody thinks you're stupid."

We just didn't want to do that.

Visitors are welcome.

May I borrow your lighter?

They had had to use what money they had.

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No matter who says so, I can't believe that.

King Henry VIII had a tennis court at Hampton Court, his palace on the River Thames, not very far from London.

I beg you to help us.

She is giving a party tonight.

Maybe Honzo thought you wouldn't want to see him.

Malcolm is well respected in his community.

All Sabrina did was eat.


Myrick's name is on the envelope.


A doctor's instruments must be kept absolutely clean.

Her talkativeness is a pain in the neck.

He was debarred from entering the club.

Tell him it's not his fault.

Sedat is skittish.


The young King was married to his real bride, and both reigned over the kingdom in peace and happiness.

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His behavior is significant of his intentions.

Smoking or non-smoking?

Do you want me to do something?


She moved close to him.

He's a total genius!

He hadn't eaten all day long and was very hungry.

Even Sal looked happy.

Must we wait for them here?


It is foreseen that, due to the decline in grain production, China will quickly become a world leading grain importing country, overtaking Japan.

If you are going to go to America, you should brush up your Spanish.

They have not yet heard of it.

Shutoku laughs at his own jokes.

It's going to be harder this time.

I don't think we should buy this.

Vance has to do something.

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I wish I had eaten at that restaurant before it burned down.


They know very well who we are, and what we can do.

I can't eat any fruits in the mornings.

This might interest you.

It doesn't belong to one people or country, so it works as a neutral language.

They wish to rent it for how long?

I saw the message.

I want to know more about her.

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Japan is not what it was 15 years ago.

I'd like for you to go.

I spent the entire day on the beach.

He asserted that he was innocent.

Floyd wasn't sure what to feel when Danielle compared her breasts to twin stoats with pointed noses. Although that must have been meant as a compliment, it was certainly a very peculiar one at that.


Now, let's not get discouraged.


I'm aware of the risks.


They're having fun with this.


Does she like chocolate?

The girl wanted to monopolize her father's affection and tended to view her mother as a competitor.

To avoid interest charges, Natraj pays his credit card in full every month.

The treaty obliges us.

The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.

I wish I had had a camera then.

Adam didn't know what kind of snake had bitten him.


I don't care if you like me or not.

Have you had your hair cut?

At first he did not realize that he had won the speech contest.

They clapped until the pianist played an encore.

How could you turn me in?

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I don't want to see this again.

You won't be right.

Nadeem looked down at what was in his hand.


Prakash is awfully short.

It's against the rules.

Let's wait and see what happens in the next couple of weeks.

The new year will begin.

I don't mind if it's hot and spicy.

He's innocent.

She shouldn't have blown a fuse.

Put your coat back on.

We are working hard on the field today.

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I remain committed to making amends to everyone I have hurt.

I don't want either of them.

Siping wants me to talk to Agatha about that matter.

Penny isn't sure why he's here.

I think I'm going back to sleep.