This is the personal website of SHEN, Chen (沈忱). Since this name is all too common, let me disambiguate:

  • I was born in Shanghai, China, and spent most of my youth years in Singapore.
  • I got my Ph.D. in 2009 from National University of Singapore, where I worked on various topics in microelectronics.
  • I used the alias hash on various online fora such as this one, hence the title of the site "Hash Digest".

Although I started working on websites as early as in 1998, and had this domain name registered since 2001, I've never made a personal website. I don't think I'm made for blogging, and have no intention to start one right now.

Recently, however, I purchased a Linode VPS, consuming another scarce IPv4 address to run a petty application. I felt a little guilty about not utilizing it properly, so I decided to create a few web pages on it.

You may be interested to look at:

Contact me

You may reach me at shenchen@cogenda.com. I'd appreciate if you use my GPG key to encrypt the message.