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Mobile enterprise data collection

Paper costs vary from one company to another, however, they represent about 5% of typical IT budget. Paper costs are costs that include buying paper, printing costs, copier equipment, supplies, distribution, mailing costs, courier services, filing supplies, storage space, as well as time spent in handling, managing, and filing paper.

Most often people using paper have a smartphone or tablet that they carry wherever they are. Use of paper can be replaced by use of smartphone or tablet. These mobile devices opens an opportunity to cut costs associated with paper. A mobile enterprise solution is a solution that comes with mobile apps and IT systems. Mobile apps are used to replace paper. IT systems are used to exchange information with mobile apps.

Mobile app makes it possible to attach information not possible on paper. Like GPS coordinates, audio, video, photos and more. For papers that require handwritten signatures, mobile app can be used to capture handwritten signature. This solution does not just replace paper, it integrates collected information with your business systems, replaces manual tasks with automated processes, keeps users well informed about status of collected information and creates faster business workflow.

Digital Forms (PTY) LTD ("Digital Forms") is providing you a fully functional end to end mobile enterprise solution that will cut costs associated with paper and costs related to time spent on manual tasks. Your business will achieve optimized performance and efficient paperless solution. Furthermore, you get this solution without buying or installing any hardware and no other supplier need to be involved. Solution is offered on Software as a service (SaaS) model. This means the following:

  • There are no license fees.
  • No need for your company to install any hardware.
  • Business model is based on service rather than software development.
  • The main focus is about delivering service that works. In other words, your success is our success.
  • You will always have access to the latest version of the application because upgrades and enhancements are automatically made available.
  • Service is available anytime, anywhere.

Digital Forms solutions brings savings that can be substantial.

Cost savings from first day

You deserve savings that are practical, measurable and achievable.

Instant savings

Time spent on non productive work is money that could be saved. The statistics outlined below are that of a typical company and you are free to adjust them to your company operations.

7.5% of paper forms are lost, damaged or incorrectly filled

Mobile app uses electronic data, therefore concept of damaged form does not exist. Digital Forms solutions comes with secure cloud storage. There is also an optional distributed database backup feature that creates a double backup system. One is in the Digital Forms cloud storage and other one is within your IT network system. This eliminates the fear of lost data. Furthermore, distributed database backup feature emphasizes that you own your data.

Have you ever heard someone saying We need database cleansing. Incorrectly filled forms are the cause of a database to contain incorrect records. Database cleansing on its own it is an expensive exercise. Its better to avoid it and to have early detection of incorrect records. Digital Forms solutions comes with server side validation. Forms are validated and incorrect records are flagged. Its an effective method of early detection of incorrect records.

20% of an employee's time is spent in finding paper forms

Data captured with Digital Forms solution is searchable. Search based on keywords, location and barcode are provided. Voice search is included in mobile apps. Digital Forms provides you with the ability to search for forms in a cost effective manner. Search digital forms in a cost effective manner

10% of an employee's time is spent on manual reporting

Digital Forms server-side web application has dashboard that provides rich information to assist you in knowing what's going on in your business at all times. Reports can be generated on demand or on scheduled time. Auto generation of reports is a great time saver.

3% of paper forms are misplaced

Digital Forms solution automatically stores searchable information. Misplaced form or information does not exist.

70% of an employee's time is spent in filling information already in their IT systems

Digital Forms solution allows you to send pre-populated forms to mobile app. Forms are automatically filled with information collected from your IT systems and presented to a mobile user with fields that requires input. Information populated on mobile app is validated instantly, even when the mobile device does not have cellular coverage.

Eliminate manual double entry of data

For many organizations with mobile workers, current practice is to capture data on paper forms and take that paper to office. The office takes this paper to enter captured in a computer. Digital Forms solutions eliminates this duplication of effort. 100% cost of time spent on manual double entry of data is recovered.

You will realize the above-mentioned savings from the first day you use Digital Forms solutions. Investing in a solution that brings savings on the first day is good for any business, isn't it?

Operational savings

Digital Forms solution provides the capability to assign tasks using few clicks. This means visits can be pre-planned, resources can be allocated in advance and tasks can be assigned to field workers regardless of their location. During task assignment you can also set due date. Digital Forms systems will send tasks to field workers and provide you with delivery notification. Digital Forms solution allows one to view locations of field workers. This provides the advantage of having increased visibility of staff and resource availability. As a result the following savings are realized:

  • Savings in transport costs. There is no need for field workers to come office to collect assigned task. Furthermore, mobile app provides field worker with destination directions of assigned task.
  • Savings on phone bill costs that occurs when office worker calls field workers to check status of assigned tasks.
  • Savings on costs related to late completion of tasks. Digital Forms solution automatically reminds field workers about due dates and you are also informed that field workers have been reminded.

Expand your business

The fact that Digital Forms solution can assign tasks to field workers regardless of their location, is an opportunity for your company to grow by expanding its operations and services to anywhere around the world. At any time you know last location of field workers and status of completed work. Furthermore, Digital Forms service is available anytime and anywhere, it means work can be done anywhere at anytime.

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