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    Onboarding and Training for Web Applications

Oracle buys Iridize

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Iridize is an enterprise platform for personalized & contextual user onboarding & engagement


Create Flexible Employye Training Guides

Accelerate Product Adoption and Increase User Engagement

Product and Marketing Managers can use Iridize to offer strong, personalized onboarding with real-time communication to help increase user confidence and quicken product adoption.

Measure and Optimize Your Employee Training Process

Optimize Personalized Training – and Measure the Results

Training and Education Professionals use Iridize to create training programs that fit users’ specific needs. Track results and user engagement with our powerful analytics engine to optimize training.

Enterprise Grade Employee Training

Reduce Support Costs and Simplify User Experience

Product Owners use Iridize to offer real time support, integrated with the product flow. Support is personalized and contextual, keeping the users within the product and simplifying the support process.


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