"Out of the binder - into the cloud" ™
  • Manage your Behavior Data with Ease

    ABA Monitor Customizes, Stores and Evaluates Behavior Data

    • For mental health professionals using applied behavior
      analysis, behavior therapy and cognitive behavior therapy
    • A web-based data acquisition and storage program
    • Flexible data collection using templates or
      customized forms
    • Designed to allow real-time data acquisition on
      multiple devices
    • Supports single case and aggregate case
      reporting and graphing functions

  • Eliminate pen and paper in the field

    ABA Monitor provides the option of using templates or customizable forms

    • Use electronic versions of intake forms and data sheets
    • Customize your own forms for download onto a
      mobile device
    • View the forms and download the data from any
    • Can be used to collect frequency or
      duration based data
    • Can be used with trial based intervention

  • Graph ABA data with the Touch of a Button

    ABA Monitor Collects, Stores and Evaluates Collected Data

    • Data can be collected on multiple behaviors at one time
    • Duration data is tracked with an internal clock
    • Frequency data is collected with the touch of a button
    • Customize the behaviors to be evaluated
    • Data is stored on a secure system
    • Data can be retrieved from a mobile device or desktop
      and graphed
    • Supports single case and aggregate case reporting

  • Manage your data using mobile devices

    ABA Monitor helps you manage all field activity using your mobile device

    • Supported on iPad
    • Complete forms electronically
    • Record data with the touch of a button
    • Reduce costs and storage of paper
    • Flexible and more accurate data collection