The most effective advertising display network

Luminare 360™ is the most effective retail point of sale advertising display network, drawing immediate attention to displayed consumer brands and influencing customers to make impulse purchases. It is based on a secure messaging platform that delivers encrypted graphics and texts sequences to authorized devices in the network over Iinternet or a LAN connection.


Applications with great visual impact

Luminare 360™ can also be used as a graphical display at a variety of locations and events to create great impact. Easy setup and design enable Luminare 360™ to provide a wide range of display configurations from standard out-of-the-box to extremely sophisticated display models.



make your investment profitable from day one

Luminare 360™ comes with a web based management system that can be easily configured to customer needs making your network or advertising campaign investment profitable from day one. Lower cost per impact along with online advertising campaigns allow for greater return on investment as compared to traditional advertising media.

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Why Choose Luminare 360™

Advertisers now have access to a platform that offers 40.1% customer recall and a dramatic decrease in advertising campaign costs at their point of sale.

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Comparative advertising supports

Cost per impact - spot.

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Comparative advertising supports

Cost per campaign and hearing.

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Point of Sale

THE MOST EFFECTIVE ONLINE ADVERTISING DISPLAY NETWORK AT THE POINT OF SALE. The point of sale is the place where advertising can influence impulse purchasing.

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