I wash my hands.

All of us know Beth.


Do you have internet access at home?

Srinivasan definitely doesn't want to be class president.

I always said that your mobile never worked well.

Are you going to eat this?

We don't have all day.


Johnny is volunteering.

They all understood your speech.

I'd rather just let people talk.

Among the participants, President Shimon Peres was conspicuous by his absence.

Now you be good while I'm gone, do you hear?


Pat's face showed his surprise.

We really do need Donna's help.

We have no time to lose.

This bamboo is too thin to bear much weight.

I think I'd better show my face.

Are you telling me you're the one who assaulted Serdar?

I wonder what your plans are.


This is by far the coolest thing we've ever done.

Anyone can tell your interest is genuine.

I want to speak to her alone.

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He hasn't been around lately.

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Chandra has an elliptical orbit which takes it more than 138,000 kilometers from Earth and then back to within 9600 kilometers of Earth. Chandra travels more than one-third of the way to the Moon with each orbit!

We have seen three wars.

He used to love her.

Malus called Jeannie to tell her he'd be late.

He lost his balance and fell off the ladder.

Let's take a 10-minute break.

Farouk doesn't know anything about this, does he?

The kid is peeing.

The change was immediate.

When does your summer vacation end?

The completion of the bronze statue did credit to the sculptor.

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Who's the fastest one here?

Hey, who's this bottle of champagne for? I haven't ordered drinks.

We are on the same boat.

Clara is prejudiced.

We were finally able to settle the matter.

Get down from your horse.

Dark bread is popular in Germany.

I'll see them in the morning.

You have, no doubt, heard of our company.

I'm not forgetful.

You've never been here, have you?


I didn't even have a chance to talk to Arlene.

We're losing it.

That seems highly unlikely.


There is much talk that she is going to France next month.

Do you know your strengths and weaknesses?

Can I return this shirt later?

An enormous space station oribiting around Jupiter overlooked the rainbow stripes of the gas giant.

The evening he died was stormy.

I am a journalist.

We're going to get married.

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Stagger won't be thirsty.

According to this report, Harv was the one who caused the accident.

Vicky joined us.

The uncle gave me a friendly piece of advice.

The expressway was congested with thousands of cars.

You make it sound very simple.

I should really get some sleep.

There are two hundred pages.

I only want to help.

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You're a problem.

Ken stopped talking and began to eat.

I feel quite at ease when I sit in this chair.

They surrounded Julie.

You've been pretty busy.

Eat slowly. Savor your food.

Will you lubricate the car?

My mommy and daddy won't forget me.

The students are sitting in a circle.

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What makes you think Rusty will be late?

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You're going to catch hell from your wife if she finds out.

I turned the lights out.

Just the word "French" has her wet her pants.

Are you fair?

I don't know who that youngster is.


I've missed them.

I haven't started yet.

(Implied subject) ate.


Things will turn out all right.

I started thinking about her.

She was much delighted at my gift.

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Arne knows how to play the guitar.

Ahmet might not have the strength to get out of bed.

He behaved like a father to me.

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The five human senses are sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.

Eat with us.

I don't see how you can eat that stuff.

He was mentally troubled.

In archaeology, it is important to keep findings intact and undamaged.


The Edinburgh Waterfront project could be about to change all that.

We should offer them assistance.

How can I tell it just to Liyuan without telling everybody else?


We care about you.


They have two daughters.

Casper's biological parents gave him up for adoption.

That's a great deal.

Who or what has the blame?

Stacey asked Ralph the same question he had asked me.

Are you the one who caused this mess?

Married for twenty years and nothing to show for it but a few photos, letters and receipts? How sad is that?

They will order a new desk.

Mrs. Wood was a very good cook.


Is it too late for us to register?

You're nice guys.

I don't comment on their articles.


What does the earth look like from space?

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The examination is close at hand.

I have no more ideas.

I dropped everything and ran.

I was caught in a shower.

What did you promise that you would do?

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Is that uncommon?


I'm Nicolo's stockbroker.

There is frost on the grass.

The China National Table Tennis Team had a month's closed training in winter.

She cut in when we were talking.

I had a good idea.

Hartmann gave me a shove.

How did you come up with this plan?

Most people here are pretty friendly.

Their multimedia campaign included commercials on television and radio, print advertisements in newspapers and magazines, online advertising on websites geared toward their target audience, as well as flyers posted and distributed throughout the community.

Can we quit talking about this?

Lum has gone away.

Do you really mean that?

I'll be back by then.

We should stop seeing each other.

Let's set a date.

Out of my way!

Don't leave things half finished.

Cristina used to work here.

He did not believe anyone had the right to do so.

Piotr carefully picked up the broken glass.

I awoke this morning at the crack of dawn, only to find that the crops had been ruined by ravenous birds.

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He stood up in the room and looked around.

At home I have a room of my own.

I gave the beggar what money I had.


Everyone started laughing.

My family is small.

What is Valentin doing?


I'll be happy to do it.

There's something about Claudio that makes a lot of girls like him.

I would like it if we could spend more time together.

He is still angry with you for your conduct.

Sugih's mother was a devout Catholic.

Who is the architect?

Bravery is a great virtue.

Give me two pieces of chalk.

Police found drug paraphernalia in Alan's flat and took him into custody.

This does not make me happy.

They knew that he did it but they couldn't prove it.

What's Justin doing in there?

We make an excellent team.

A woman crossed a castle moat to rescue a stranded old dog.

She might come tomorrow.

Loving to work is the key to happiness.

The most precious element in life is wonder.

The Latino voting bloc in the US is increasingly a force to be reckoned with.

This custom has been handed down from generation to generation.

I can't lie like this anymore.

I don't remember saying that.

I sleep in my room.

I'm very sorry for being late.

She has gone to the United States.

Skopje is the capital of Macedonia.


I grew up in the woods.


I'm sore all over.