He's a jovial man.

I feel perfectly fine.

Let me handle that problem.

He was busy when I called him up.

You people are no fun at all.

Now there's another option.

Did you see anybody there?


We need to add information about our products.

This first question is for you.

I wanted to help.

A research organization investigated the effect.

Give us some space.

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Her proficiency in English rapidly improved.

Vicki told us about how nice you were to him.

You cannot smoke in this room.

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Catherine is a stupid boy.

You have wounded my feelings.

Jean-Pierre can't swim very well yet.

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She took aim at the deer.

Hello! Welcome to my aquarium!

She's an accomplished artist.

Let somebody else hire them.

He seemed to have just woken up from a dream.


There's somebody out there.

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Be more concise in your summaries!

We can't use this.

People were ground down by poverty.

I can't believe you really want us to do this.

We must help her.


Please hurry! Daren is waiting.

Nothing can happen to you.

No, the police aren't using a dog to look for a man. They're looking for a man who has a dog.

"Why didn't you kiss Nora?" "She wouldn't let me."

They endeavored in order to do their duty.

Tanaka only made a few mistakes.

I had him carry my luggage to the platform.

Watch out! He's coming right at you!

Sal is more famous than you.

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Dan welcomed Matt into the family.

She wants to be a simultaneous interpreter.

How was the meeting?

Examine the question in its entirety.

I'm going to give you one more chance.


This is totally reasonable.

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I like it.

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I'm not interested in science fiction.

Why don't we just leave?

I don't understand at all.

Did it happen recently or much further back?

I can't work out what you're on about.

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I must see them.

Not less than 10 people were arrested for being involved in the riot.

I met the prince himself.


Vladislav is really peeved.

An innocent passer-by was shot dead in broad daylight.

Do not eat anything before you go to bed.

Laurel carries a flask of Tequila with him wherever he goes.

That would be really cool.

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June leaned out the window of his car and pressed the button on the intercom at the gate.


Were you home yesterday?

I'm studying French grammar.

I began to feel a little better.

That is a characteristic inherent in him.

What was Beth's plan?

Just because it's a "safe day" I'm not going to make out like monkeys without protection. Isn't it the duty of loving sex to take proper care of contraception?

It relates to a superior body.

We're made for each other.

Can you shed any light on this?

Why is it called "loon"?

I heard you were having a party.

It looks like we're almost out of the woods.

Something you should know about me is that I'm very much a country boy at heart.


I enjoy being with him.

She gets good marks in English.

The theater company's characterization of Anne Frank was very emotional, but tasteful.


I'm really stuck!

This is the means by which I can find him.

She made much use of milk in her cooking.

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I'll always need you.

They've changed the rules.

We've never seen anything like it.

They laughed at him.

Jun didn't seem very impressed.

Was Raman the one who did this?

Come on out of there.

How much did you pay for the labor on this?

There is much crime in the big cities.


Jeannie nodded politely.

I was about to go out when he called on me.

How much does it cost to get a haircut nowadays?


Jack's eyes were red from crying.

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Naresh always made me laugh.


Listen, I need to tell you guys something.

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Green doesn't go with red.

Liisa picks everything I say to pieces.

Bradley's dog lay down.

She doesn't want me to speak about this issue.

Cyrus was on that team.

This is morally wrong.

Can you do it or can't you?


She took over the role of her mother.

I'm not rich, nor do I wish to be.

When was the last time you had a steady job?

The sky started to darken.

I'm going in the museum.

It was all our faults.

I know Leo wanted to meet you.

Please put down your name in this book.

We had fun at Disneyland.

If you eat that you will die.

He always grumbles like a bear.

Darryl majored in drama.

My friend may have had a bad time in Africa.

How long will it take to get there?

No one says "I am plowed", but in the third person it is "the land is plowed"; bibo "I drink", bibitur uinum "the wine is drunk"; manduco "I eat", manducatur panis "the bread is eaten"; laboro "I work", laboratur uestis "the clothing is worn out", et cetera.


Today is the last day of our vacation.

I like your website.

Shannon is quite ambitious.

I have been waiting for your reply, but have not heard from you.

I'm sorry you had to do this by yourself.


He didn't reply to my letter.

He whistled for his dog.

Sal didn't crack a smile.

How to overcome the high value of the yen is a big problem.

My friends and I'll join you.

I'm not your toy.

You were there for me when I needed you.


Father gave me a book for graduation.


He received a sizable advance for his book.

I have hives.

Nora is on the swim team.


Randal asked for dismissal.

Stay where you are. I'm on my way.

I give up from the beginning.

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Men fight with iron for gold.

Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country.

If you touch that wire, you'll get a shock.

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Let's give this a shot.

Will you have a talk with Gail?

The atomic bomb destroyed the entire city of Hiroshima.


I can't take this pain any longer.


We have supplied the villagers with food.

The names are sorted alphabetically.

This isn't worth dying for.

These two have very little in common.

We're scheduled to leave tomorrow.

I don't really want to go swimming.

Jean-Pierre is a special-needs child.


It was white.


Don't just stand there.

They were forced to kill and eat several of their horses.

I have not been around much.

Mozart: one of the great musical prodigies of all time.

She sometimes writes to her son.


I want you to see something.

I just got by on the test.

June can't afford a new car.

The storm blew and howled as if it were singing old songs.

Although there was once believed to be a causative relationship between syphilis and artistic genius, I would hope that the vast majority of modern artists and writers are reasonable enough to avoid becoming infected just on the off chance that neurosyphilis dementia might improve the quality of their work.

You still don't believe me, do you?

Have you ever seen a squirrel?

The smart boy could solve all the difficult problems with great ease.

Forget it. He is our mutual friend, after all.