The dolphin wants to eat.

We'll work hard.

I saw many birds yesterday morning.

Whichever of the routes you choose, allow about two hours.

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She was aware of the danger of the frozen road.


We'll be right down the hall.

I got the short straw.

What a prick!

Linda loves chocolate.

Rakhal knows that Revised doesn't speak French.

This time will be different.

Can I order one?

A bullet pierced the helmet.

He had business at his family's home so he went at once.

My watch gains ten minutes a day.

Is lunch included in the tour?


She worked hard.

He's not a liar.

How much am I paying you?

Lucius enlisted in the Army.

Elliot has been living out of a suitcase for the past two months.

I'm rather hesitant about asking him a favor.

What do you think I should do?


He is kindness itself.

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There are many who won't agree with every decision or policy I make as president.

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She only eats free-range chicken.

My son always interrupts me when I'm talking.

I think Ofer expected this all along.


Reid has been living in Boston for a long time.

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We're very serious about it.

Unless you make a decision quickly, the opportunity will be lost.

Elisabeth's new outfit is guaranteed to turn heads.


Tell him what you told me.

I have visited Boston three times.

Everybody did their part.

Failing the exam was a blow to his ego.

Police used rubber bullets to subdue the rioters.

French is a hard language, isn't it?

Do people ever accuse you of being obstinate?

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Zip up!


Who is your favorite author?

No sooner were the professors of Christianity sufficiently powerful to employ the sword than they did so.

Stefan doesn't like to get his hands dirty.

I erred in thinking him trustworthy.

Did you happen to meet him?

We want the committee to work out this problem.

Her lush hair cascaded down over her shoulders.

The road is all clear.

I finished that work up all on my own.

Manavendra's trial resumes Monday.

We are not short of oil in this country.


You gave away the ending.

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Pablo was amusing.

Recently John feels better on and off.

I won't sell this tree shade.

The future is a woman with an invisible face.

Rafael has a wife and a young child.

Your suit is the same as mine.

Is he nice to her?

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I'm sure there is nobody as kind as you are the whole world.

I thought about our problem.

We've just cleaned the toilets.

He said he was angry, and that he wanted to go home to eat dinner.

Why was Marika so interested in Japanese culture?


I can hardly understand what he says.

How soon am I going to die?

Which university do you think Ted will go to?


In Japan, school starts in April.


I'm sure you're thinking to yourself, 'Why is this guy making such a big deal of this?' But make no mistake. This is essential.

I was given a nice present by my uncle.

He resembles his father.

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Did you come here by yourself?


Let the revolt begin.


You never listen to our advice.

I know you and Barrett have had some problems.

I never go on vacation without my cellphone.

I've just spent the last three hours talking with Srinivas.

You mustn't miss seeing this wonderful film.

This swimming suit is made of elastic material.

I have to return some books to the library.

I know that Marco has been sick.

I don't get a lot of requests for that song.

Leif never said he wanted to participate.

I didn't think you would win the race.

The satellite is now in orbit.

I was impressed by the general knowledge of Japanese students.


Belinda was wearing black leather pants and a black leather jacket.


No one would listen.

Children often blame themselves when their parents divorce.

Jordan seemed to be somewhat disappointed.

I told Galen that I didn't know that answer.

I think it's time for me to say what I really think.

Nature made sure that living happily doesn't require much effort: everyone can make himself happy.

Michel is scared now.

There is very little hope of his success.

Eva acknowledged that he had made a mistake.

Can I stay here?

I'm not sharing this with them.


Ya look nice in your kennel.

There's still so much left to do.

Censorship, in my opinion, is a stupid and shallow way of approaching the solution to any problem.

How could you possibly know?

He sent me a present.


We all agreed.


In this case, I think he is correct.

John sold his house in Boston.

He can't speak English, can he?

Do you want that?

There are many familiar words.


They don't like Ned.

I don't know if I'm ready for this.

I have some good news and some bad news.

I intend to hammer this idea into the student's heads.

Winnie should move quickly.

It doesn't matter which side you're on.

The red dress became her.

You killed Alexander.

The accusative indicates directionality, that is, movement towards a certain place.

They loved her.

I predicted this.

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Let them do their jobs.

The news caused a great stir.

Caroline Herschel lived to be 98 years of age.

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The bright red flowers stood out among the greens.


Can you keep her there?

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Let's go and find them.

Follow the example of your sister.

Is it true that you corrected all these sentences?

We don't need to talk about that.

Raymond needs to know the truth.

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Does that surprise you?


We're conducting a survey.

Let him have his say.

We're doing the right thing, aren't we?

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Ellen readily admits his mistakes.


When the company refused to increase their wages, they walked out.

We don't have any sheep.

Refusing linguistic injustice doesn't make you a paranoid schizophrenic.

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What else do you have?


Of the floor, sticky from the party, one said, "Flock it."


Upon a pear tree grows a pear.


The toy is made of wood.

It's his greatest fault to be too generous.

She likes potato salad.

My friend wants to move in with me.

My middle name isn't Anna.

I can't talk now.

You'll protect me, won't you?

Is that seriously what you think?

Would you mind putting a link on your web page to our company's web site?


No one can live by and for himself.


These organs were made in test tubes.

Life cannot exist without water.

The students are bored.

I had a meeting with her.

I know how to distinguish the good from the bad.

He started off a country bumpkin.

We are anxious about our daughter's health.


I want you to remember this moment.