I want to come back to Boston.

They crossed the border.

Any book will do provided it is interesting.

Why don't you leave town?

I'm just here to help them out.

I'd rather be at home.


This looks like another government cover-up.


I have won.

The two companies combined in a joint corporation.

I'm quitting my job as a teacher.


Give me back my gloves.

I think you should talk to Vidhyanath about this.

Dogs dogs bite, bite.

I think you're trying to take advantage of me.

I've never been back to Boston.

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This winter is warm.

Hui doesn't have that kind of money.

You do get around, don't you?

We will only consider placing an order if you reduce the price by 5%.

We can't send you out there.


The visitors are to come on the 18th and leave on the 20th.


I'm always bored with films that have little action.


She's five years younger than me.


It will take them some hours.


I'd never seen Chris drunk before.

People who think they can do anything are generally good for nothing.

I already know why you're here.

Why would Vance want to do that?

I've been worried sick.

But the person in charge is there precisely to take responsibility.

We adore picnics.

Hillel said he wasn't surprised.

You're bleeding again.

Each can decide freely.

I can't help feeling sorry for the girl.

Give me a chance to make you proud of me.

Why did we have to come on this tour? It's really boring.

Alejandro often comes to see me on weekends.

I think we agree, the past is over.

Carter is pegging up the hankerchiefs.

Is his father a teacher?

I think what you want is over here.

This is superior to that.

Step in here, please.

When the will is absent, the power disappears.

You wouldn't last three weeks.

He is my best friend because we just get on well with each other and I can trust him with things that I wouldn't tell anyone else.

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Kyu took out a pencil and started to write.

It's actually rice milk.

He leaves you breathless.

We'll go in a minute.

They're hiding something from me.

Is the milk good?

What is the emergency telephone number?


He kicked me on purpose.

This is a grave mistake.

Would you tell Matthias I'm ready?

Do you want to use a platter or a tray?

Each country has its own customs.

She reads after lunch.

I am pleased with myself.


I believe the only way to protect my own rights is to protect the rights of others.

Hector and Jacques were exhausted.

Take out the trash.

I must eat slowly.

I lifted one up.


I'm taking him with me.

I looked over the documents.

Kieran was afraid to tell the truth.

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Blair has a gift for music.


The death of Ronnie James Dio made me very sad.

I assume that it's okay with you if I take one of them.

He, who had been lazy, failed his exam.

How does Diane feel about it?

If we didn't have any flaws, we wouldn't take such a great pleasure in noticing them in others.


Paul should've told Gregor that he was married.

All his ideas had a strong dreamlike component.

His debts amount to 100,000 yen.

I'm never free on Mondays.

Hey, I thought you'd be pleased.

Kevin finally answered.

I don't want to talk to you, because you broke my heart.

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I need to lose a few pounds.


They were vacant apartments or homes.

It's very uncomfortable.

Did the world really act as fast as possible to meet the threat to the environment?


It is not enough to read great books once only, however carefully.


Some students seem to have forgotten to do their homework.

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Are you going to see them?

This is a good place to park.

The dog crossing the road was run over by a bus.

Sometimes I am an enigma to myself.

She managed to scare off her attacker by screaming loudly.

The Diet broke up in confusion.

I don't know who killed Jelske.

Santa is paying attention to his budget.

Leif got shot.

They're not coming back.

Let's hope Rex can do that.

Dan thinks he's a god.

I'm a good-for-nothing bum.

Some people don't like chicken.

Don't interfere in other people's affairs.


I'll pick you up after school.


Why is the police here?

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That naughty boy annoys me by his pranks.

What would you say to convince him to buy one?

She capitalised on her father's connections in getting her present job.

By the fact itself.

Choose one.


Can't you get in without lining up because you know the bouncer?


Hamilton wants to get married, but not to Mara.


I thought your remark was interesting.

Kiki and Maria dressed up as the Evil Wolf and the Little Red Riding Hood for Rosenmontag.

What people say is not always true.

He is giving an address.

I'm fairly busy.


I saw you talking to Marcos earlier.


Perhaps Sally was feeling ashamed.

Don't make fun of him.

People who are unconscious can't say they want to die.

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I ran across my uncle at the station.

The duchess wore a large hat.

Have you already spent the money Sharon gave you?


Julius causes me a lot of trouble.

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I won't go back.


The reward is dependent on your success.


So late that it's already early.

Music is a good way to fight silence.

I thought I made my reasons clear.

They were made of rough brown leather.

Tell Floyd I need to borrow his car.


Sitting in her panther hide chair, the young woman, clad in red lingerie, was reading aloud a book titled "The Black Princess".


I think Norm is a nice name.

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How many guests should we expect tonight?


The summit of the mountain is covered with fresh snow.

Children are not allowed in.

Datu visited Alvin.

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If it were not for air and water, we could not live.

That way!

We don't know how to find Marla.

"Hey, Kimberly." "What is it" "Oh actually, never mind."

Nicolas doesn't study as hard as he used to.

Mongo can type very fast.

Can we get you anything?

God is perfect.

It seems like a dream.

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Swamy taught me how to play the blues on the piano.

Jean-Pierre and I went to see Hotta off at the airport.

Allan wants me to help you.

"We wish to create a neutral basis on which the various peoples of humanity could be peacefully and fraternally communicating with each other, not reciprocally imposing racial compartmentalization on each other."

It was a stormy day, and the snow was falling fast.

My grandmother made delicious homemade fudge.

These hats are the same size.

It cost 30 million dollars.

Give them a couple of minutes.

Are you sure Novo won't mind if I sleep in his bed?

Send him home.

I wasn't quite sure how to respond.

Elsa claimed that he passed the exam.