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Diamond fashion

Welcome to our website!

As our site develops, we look forward to serving you. Please feel free to leave a brief message with any of your questions or comments. Use the main navigation buttons above. Click on Contact, and the rest is simply self-serving. Thank you.

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Our jewelry store is designed to be fun and exciting. We sell and make only quality jewelry. Having a custom-made piece of jewelry is fun and personal. Either way, anytime you invest in precious metals, well, it's exactly that! An investment. Gold and other precious metals are never worth nothing! So from our company, you always get a fashionable piece of quality enjoyment which will endure the future.

Diamond Guide

These are some good tips for understanding how to buy diamonds. You should be confident and comfortable when you decide to lay down your hard-earned money on a lasting diamond.

Product Care

Maintaining fine jewelry is easy. Having a better understanding of what you are purchasing will go a long way to extend the life of your investment.

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"Why did my rings turn my finger black!?"

Check the karat of your metal. Any karat below (215) 740-1827 or almost 60% pure gold, have more alloys which do not resist oxidation. Oxidation is a natural process within our atmosphere which causes rust. Certain alloys added to pure 24K gold, improve wear-ability and durability. Our bodies secrete fatty acids which act as accelerants to the oxidation process. Cosmetics, along with a multitude of fine particulates in the air can become trapped in the natural oils on the skin. Combined with regular movement, the metal is being gently polished and eroded. Fine particles of metal deposited on the skin appear as dark smudges.

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Much more to come. Please visit frequently for new items, unusual items added to our inventory, and special sales. Also explore updates of valuable and helpful information for your benefit.

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