I suddenly remembered that I couldn't afford so many books.

We should all strive for equality amongst ourselves and towards animals.


She is not the woman she was before she married.

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Nobody went there.

The president said, "I don't give a damn."

When I came home, my mother was standing by the door in tears.

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Renu was holding a bloody knife in his hand when the police entered the room.

That's the last anybody saw of Niels.

I'm Amir's sister.

We had known the painter before he became famous.

If anyone thinks differently, they surely do have a problem.

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I trust you, don't worry.

I skipped my breakfast.

Wait over here.

A second look may be flattering; after that, things go downhill: first to staring, then to ogling, finally to frankly leering.

I'm unable to do that.

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Control yourself. Don't get excited.

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We'll go there again.


Dorian wanted to hire a detective.

I'm not going to kiss you, Olaf.

Do you know of any inexpensive stores?


He concentrated on his studies.

Well, we managed to land at the last moment.

I'm the one who has the job.

Joachim is very mean to me.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

Los Angeles is one of the places I want to visit.

Keep in mind what I tell you.

What do you think, is she going to do it?

I love the way Amos thinks.


Niall confessed to murdering Srinivasan and Jerry.

The worst is still to come.

The city is full of tourists.


Do you know why that happens?

Three years seems like a long time.



You beat him.


Hurry up, or you will be late for the last train.

I go to the movies three or four times a month.

Shel is visually impaired.

I want you to stay quiet for a few minutes.

Jack didn't look that busy.

Glynn has been missing three weeks.

Noemi actually believed that.


The evil spirit was driven away from the house.


It's a bit cold today.

Jose arrived on Monday.

We urged Dori to study harder.

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It's over now, right?


Emily doesn't miss a thing, does he?

Kate is no less charming than her sister is.

Such thing can't be true.

He goes abroad every year.

I spent all day with my friend.

Do you want to try this?

Marlena received an urgent message to call his wife.

Little lights were blinking on and off in the distance.

Why did you park here?

I'd like to ride the cable car, but I'm afraid of heights.

To our great disappointment we failed to carry out intention.

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Does Lindsey always carry a gun?

I promised I wouldn't eat before Mayo got home.

Tatoeba's corpus is heterogeneous in many dimensions.


I'd like to give it to her.

Are there any risks?

The question is how to say no without making Shutoku angry.

She found a man dead.

Must this letter be written in English?

I lost my camera the other day.

Everybody smiled.

I'm in love, I can die; I have lived the best and most beautiful of dreams!

It's still a bad idea.

When are you planning to tie the knot?

Molly almost married Floria.

A friend of mine is looking for someone who speaks French.

Our troops were constantly harassed by the guerrillas.

We came to an agreement on a price.

I've got to make sure Merril does his homework.

Miki didn't sleep very well last night.

Sundar and Romain hated each other.

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Russell is not a girly girl.


How many visitors does Tatoeba have?

Eddy said you were driving drunk.

Is she your mom?

Without motivation, nothing can be achieved.

I've got a job already.


A rising tide raises all boats.

I put myself on guard against the danger.

Shall I get you some water?

Tuan sells computers.

Kari's feet are really big.

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Lex asked me if I was busy.


A boat takes me out on an excursion; I watch the city shrink in the distance.

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The essential points of my argument have been expressed in the preceding pages.

Flesh gives birth to flesh, Spirit gives birth to Spirit.

He was the champion for three years.

I made a deal with Sofoklis.

I have a sense of humor.

That's what the doctor ordered.

Every cause produces more than one effect.


Peter said he had to go home early.

Scott asked for a discount.

Call me when you're ready.

This store here is open around the clock.

Kevyn was the third victim.

After the earthquake, Philip's world turned upside down.

The train that Cary was riding was hit by lightning.

I don't remember anything happening.

That's what we were told.


Can we really afford it?

A book can be exciting.

Hell has no fire of its own: each person brings his own fire with him.

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I want to buy a dozen bananas.

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Always seeking the truth.

Jitendra speaks French as well as I do.

Collin walked in and sat on the couch.


Who said I was ashamed?

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Boys give promises very easily, but they as easily forget them.

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He is American.

Compared to New York, Tokyo is a much safer place.

Do I look dead to you?

It just wasn't our day.

Maybe Vadim has already gone home.

Did we solve the problem?

Sexual harassment can be a serious problem in the workplace.

This isn't an easy task.

"Do you speak German?" "No, I don't."


I've got a wife and child.

He's from Lisbon.

It was mesmerising.

I'm glad to have had a great day with Luke yesterday after two very stressful days.

I'm happy if you're happy.

Ben died in the attack.

How did Ariel get involved in this?


You might avoid an unpleasant experience.

Dan denied he had anything to do with Linda's rape.

Are you still dating her?

Blossoms develop from buds.

Sit in that chair, please.

I just can't help worrying about you.

We both know you don't live where you say you do.


You help me with the translation.

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Whatever we decide must be approved by the committee.

Laurianne was not born blind.

How many years has it been since I last saw you?

When an object moves away from Earth, the light that it is giving off is seen in longer wavelengths. When an object moves toward Earth, the light that it is giving off is seen in shorter wavelengths.

Go away before they see you here.


He thinks old newspapers are still useful.

Gail has been going out with Florian for about three years.

It'll take a long time.

I need some information.

I appreciate your feelings.

In any case, I've already entirely forgiven you.

Danny declined to be interviewed.


They say that I'm an old woman.

How windy it is today!

In Japan, it's very hot in the summer.

There is always some aspect of poverty wherever you look. It's all in your head.

Cindie asked Kurt to help John.

She wants him to be her friend.

I will give you this book.


Francis, is this yours?