Curtis really dropped the ball on this one.

Nobody cares about my situation.

The people resisted their cruel ruler.

We don't seem to need it now.

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I'd prefer it if what I'm about to tell you stayed between the two of us.

It's not possible.

I want us to get back together.

Can you do it, Edmund?

I thought she was going to cry.

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My oldest brother attended the meeting on behalf of our father.

Do you really trust me?

Luc nodded his head a few times.

Antonella is just a kid.

My father asked me who had visited him the day before.


Saumya was here earlier tonight.




He had the privilege of a private education.

You could see the weevils that have infested the rice.

Hunger compelled the boy to steal money from the cash register.

I think everyone's overreacting.

Sheila began.

I don't have them yet.

It is a wise father that knows his own child.

Reid is getting ready to go out.

I feel a little uncomfortable bringing this up, but I love you.


One does not forget one's place.

I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you. I don't feel like participating in this discussion.

We had a really big fight.

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Lynnette is always acting foolishly.

The new boss has whipped the company into shape.

This mission entails huge risks.

A good night's sleep will do you a world of good.

The building is incapable of repair.

"I'll wash the dishes." "OK, I'll dry then."

I'm allergic to dogs.


I think they really like Julianto.

Shankar tends to be overdramatic.

Today it's Wednesday, isn't it?

Drivers must stop at the stop line.

An acute lack of funds is holding up the plan.

Christofer needed someone he could discuss his problems with.

Environmental changes gave rise to new species.


See if you can find out more about what happened.

I brought you some coffee.

He is justly proud of his son.

I got mad.

The man is sick.

The king was a manipulator.

He was partially clothed.

What languages do you know how to speak?

How could that fish have a lizard in its stomach?

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I suppose it's feasible.


Put the eggs in the fridge.

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Randall is staying at a motel while his house is being painted.

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Why would somebody want to live there?

If you want to dance, let's dance together.

Those rules foster discontent among students.


Computers have no family.

They replied that because all 61 beds in the obstetrics/gynaecology department were full, no admissions were possible.

It will be raining in the forest.

Indra promised me he'd come back.

Don't you agree that that's a bad idea?

The population of the world will double before long.

You may as well make friends with people who need you.

You're in danger of becoming a good man.

Sonja adores her baby's cute, round face.

Harold has a job as a taxi driver.

I feel a little better now after crying all I had.

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Love is a comedy in France, a tragedy in England, an opera in Italy, and a melodrama in Germany.


They slowly approached her.

Boston is a dangerous city.

We all know that Mendel was way ahead of his time.

The status of a doctor is very high in this community.

Has Marika ever visited Japan?

I don't really like any of that.

Can I come too?


One thinks with one's brain.

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They are fascinated by blood and violence.

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Marilyn is an extremely beautiful woman.

I thought I was talking to Bud.

I wasn't sure you'd come.

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I used to hate Gunter.

The manager balanced the strength of his team against that of their opponent and sighed.

This is not going to be easy.

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Harv was desperate to get married.

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The moon shines at night.

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I got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.


We decided by vote.

Which of you was here first?

It's actually incredibly stupid.

The test was very difficult.

I stood in line yesterday to get to the lab to do blood work.

We won't be able to arrive at the harbor in time. Let's take a shortcut.

I know what I'm getting myself into.


Donnie and Ruth looked at each other and then back at John.

Brush your teeth properly before going to bed.

He handles horses well.

The teacher stood before the class.

I'm ready.

I am going to school.

It's normal to be scared. I'm scared too.

He caught me by the hand.

How do we stop them?

Gerald doesn't want anybody asking questions about Teriann.



Pradeep always pays for dinner whenever we go out together.

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Raymond put his key in the door.

I'll be there, so whatever it takes.

I'll never part with it.

No one will trust his story.

The house was on fire.


The desk is made of wood.

Don't worry, it's not going to happen.

Milk doesn't last long in warm weather.

We usually have breakfast at 7:30.

I should've done more.

Lance wanted Antonio to go outside and play.

When the time is ripe, be bold and go for it! I'll stand by you.

The cowboy quickly jumped out the window.

This key doesn't fit in the lock.

I thought you'd like it.

I want to thank my mom and dad for always helping me.

I think I'll buy a new car.

Elias dyed his hair black.

Metals conduct electricity.

Remember, curiosity killed the cat.

I was visited by a customer.

It was stupid of you to believe it.

I don't know why I even bother to try to explain things to you anymore.

Let's go see them.

The hall was decorated with potted palms.

The weather here is getting cold and I really do not like that.

He saw no advantage in waiting any longer.

What's being done?

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Someone broke my camera.


The newspaper is of great value in the world today.

We finish each other's sentences.

Janos has as attractive a personality as her sister.


My father gave me a watch, but I lost it.

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I don't like to use Google's auto-translation, but I do use it for comparison.

It stands out a mile!

Did I mess up again?

It doesn't look like it's going to rain.

I am studying to be a translator or interpreter.

I'm helping her.

Can I be of any help here?


The doctor told her that she should take a rest.


I don't think Moses is going to need our help.

If you really have grounds for acting the way you did, then please tell me.

Gerard looked pretty freaked.

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You told me you were going to stop complaining.


Don't ask him any questions about his marriage.

Not everyone agrees with you.

You'll probably see me again.


Stay with me for a moment.

Her doll was run over by a car.

That's an exception.

All I can do is try my best.

Thanks for coming. It means a lot to me.


The friends of truth are those who seek it, not those who boast about having found it.

I accept the challenge!

You think of the world too romantically.