We were incorrect.

One in six pregnancies in Britain are unplanned.


That'd be dangerous.

Not knowing what to do, I asked him for help.

The waffle is unchewable.


I knew Mickey would be too tired to help.

Tell me something interesting about Randal that I don't know.

Gale thinks I'm in love with him.


She realized she had seen him before.

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Can I give you a lift?

The man I see is very tall.

How did Morris accomplish that?

As he gets older, he's getting more and more stubborn.

Just please do it.


I assumed you might be busy.

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No man received enough votes to win the nomination.


The sea covers nearly three-fourths of the earth's surface.


The grandfather is on his deathbed.

I'll tell him you were here.

My grandfather has lived in Kyoto for over 50 years, so he knows his way about.

I want something good to eat.

What's your destination?

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I think your theory does not hold water.

We cannot depend on this report.

Most home buyers have very little imagination.

This organization lacks unity.

I'm the one who ought to apologize.


We need to conserve ammo.

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Her composition had no grammatical errors at all.

Where are the other guys?

Mom, I want you to braid my hair.

This is where Marty told us to meet him.

Nobody cares about that.

They were all actors.

You have to report to the police at once.

I've bought a gift for Emily.

Uri is sad because he is often separated from Pierette in German sentences by a comma.

It is interesting to play soccer.

We carried on the discussion till late at night.


Ravi is in the witness box.


Did Harv tell you anything about his family?

Stay strong.

Kids are cruel.

Harmon won't come until Monday.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is called "Bosna i Hercegovina" in Bosnian.


How do you live with that?

As the door slid open, he almost fell onto the platform.

You'd regret doing that.

Hank is much more relaxed when Suyog isn't around.

The dishes never did wind up getting put away.

What language do you speak there?

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses.

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We have no choice other than thinking of how we'll live here.

I'm doing what I think is right.

This article is an alarming combination of gossip, superstition and nonsense.

I'll see you the day after tomorrow.

We didn't expect it to take this long.

He is the least diligent of the three boys.

It's my turn to do that.

He burst into tears.

Won't you come to dine with us?

Tell Bart that joke you told me yesterday.

Have you been helping to Clyde?

The meeting will have broken up by the time you arrive there.

A new tunnel has been dug through the mountain.

This place feels like home.

Real probably knows what Janice is planning to do.


Rodent bought three kilograms of apples.

They took away my daughter.

Do as you are told.

That's what I want.

The teacher quizzed his pupils on English.

How many payments will it take to pay off this loan?

Would you like me to stay?


Ruth lost control of his car.

Oh, hello. It's quite hot today really!

It won't be that hard.


You'd better ask Jerry if that's OK.


There is nothing like air travel.

This river is dangerous for children to swim in.

You seem distant.

He has his superiors' confidence.

Brender says he doesn't know why Jim didn't enjoy the movie.

I got no response from anyone.

Anatoly's hands were shaking and his face was red.

This is all I can do.

I will be the cook tonight.

Heidi didn't give up.

The party's on Sunday.


You took the wrong key.

Polish is my native language.

Why didn't you tell Ted you were unhappy?


I am reckless.

Victoria put his briefcase on the floor next to his desk.

What's all this about?

What're you going to do about it?

He knows the universe and doesn't know himself.

Anton has decided to stay with us for a while.

He must have left the water running.

Did you find her?

I'm confused. What do I do now?


Are you through with the newspaper?

How about some tea?

Jeff never gets here before 2:30.

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What time did you get to sleep?

It's the dry season here.

I want to apologize for everything I said.


Some psychologists raise doubts about Pepperberg's research.

Naginata is one of Japan's traditional martial arts.

I haven't eaten very much but have gained as much as five kilos in a half year.

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I have to get them help us.

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The hall could seat a thousand people before it was partitioned.

The 2010 eruption of a volcano in Iceland caused many problems for European travelers.

We both saw her.

I need to talk to her now.

It's not at all easy.


Sofoklis and Kristian live in the same house.


I'm not able to speak so fast.

Dana took a creative writing class.

It's accurate.

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She seemed to have it all.

Ritchey was active in student politics in his university days.

Do you want me to spy on Granville for you?

I need to know where it hurts.

Chris remained on the train.


She has been busy since yesterday.

Jianyun is right downstairs.

Our team is amazing.

We should've gotten here earlier.

In this world, there are people who take advantage of legal loopholes to do things that are almost illegal.

There were errors.

Thierry is either crazy or on drugs.

I'm still thinking about her.

The team waited.

Griff wants to tell Samuel the truth.

I've lost my bag.


Seth said we needed to leave at once.

No one has the right to preach abstinence.

Ralph likes that.


Sara has thirty-one ballpoint pens.

How much is Zambian Kwacha in US dollars?

It took him a moment to realize where he was after he came to.

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I wonder what she means by those words.

He applied a tourniquet before slitting his wrists.

Sal and David need your help.


Pull as hard as you can when I tell you.

Laurent is making a list of what has to be done.

I wholeheartedly admire your understanding of Chinese.

The fan doesn't work.

There are holidays soon.

I was really cute when I was a kid.

I feel like people are staring at me.

Why are we even here?

This is due to conservation of angular momentum.


You're married now.

I sat up reading till late last night.

The children were sleeping when their grandparents called them.


The guest was not ashamed of his silly conduct at all.

I want to see it.

Mahesh poured Geoff a cup of coffee and topped off his own.


The new community center was inaugurated yesterday with pomp and circumstance.

We have to get results.

Rodney stepped on some broken glass.