John talked his friends into helping the poor family.

I learned many things in this lesson.


Nick has selective hearing. He only hears what he wants to hear.

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The clock gains five minutes a day.

I've tried everything I can think of.

Tracy got talked into helping Sofoklis move.

You're not rich.

Paul slid down the water slide.

The result of this experiment leads to our presumption that element T determines the entire structure.

Quit making such a sad face.

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Serdar knows us very well.


This is sooo scary!!!

I'm afraid so.

Gas could be leaking at our home.

I've never been to Boston, and I don't intend to ever go there.

If you want to sound like a native speaker, it's easier if you choose one dialect and stick with it. Native speakers don't usually mix dialects in everyday speaking.


This bolt fits this nut.

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Jin got taken.

I think that would really hurt.

Is this restaurant open?

She lay down on the floor and started reading.

There is a cat on fire in my pants!

I wish you could come with us.

What an ugly cat.

Sri died while in Boston.

Vijay's parents were disappointed that he couldn't get into Harvard.


It looks so festive.

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I told Jesse to do it.


I don't really feel sick.


Do you know anything about those people?

He bade us farewell, and went away.

December is the last month of the year.

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Can you shut the door on your way out?

He's making his children sick with his cigarette smoking.

Michelle should be back any minute now.

Did you have a sheet of paper then?

What a good scholar the author must be to write such a splendid book!

What happened to the boat?

You would've liked the concert.

Jane stopped collecting teddies at the age of 20.

Tim turned down the promotion.

I'm pretty sure Bruno has already gone home.

Tokyo is surrounded by many satellite cities.

I think a bit of anger is better for you than worry.

She had a reputation for being well informed about her subjects.


Don't fail to write to me.


We have different ways of thinking.

You won't believe what I just saw.

I was amazed at his courage.

Michel wants to talk to you about what happened in Boston last week.

Keep an eye on the boys. They're mischievous.

I am smiling at that little girl.

The school is closed due to the snow.


Don't let him down now.

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Obviously, he can do what he wants with his money.

The errors apparent in his results are due more to carelessness than faulty procedures.

I know where the money is.


The toast has burned black.

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I regret kissing you.


He swallowed a piece of toast because he was starving.

He was duped by being fed false information.

I have two dogs. One is white and the other black.

I'm afraid you're right.

Have you been working there for long?

I thought Donne had another hour to finish the report.

"You're OK without your glasses?" "Ah, these are fake you see, I thought it might make me brainier..."

When did you last talk to him?

Yes, she will.


I'm afraid I'll never see Nou again.

Ofer said goodbye and then walked out the front door.

James isn't very obedient, is he?

It's really cold today. You should dress warmer or you might catch a cold.

If Sunil had been careful, this accident wouldn't have happened.

You can see it now.

I'm pretty sure that Neal likes Straka.

Every great achievement was once considered impossible.

I can see why you'd want to stay.

Eat a lot of vegetables.

Jones is laughing.


I feel pretty good.

There's something in your hair.

She follows the latest craze.


Did you ask Bruce for money?

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I've grown rather fond of Drew.


Do you like fishing? Maybe we could get together sometime.

If you don't work, you don't eat.

Randy won't be a problem.

A tomato is a red vegetable.

Maria said to herself, "I am very lucky."

Can we call him now?

She complained to him that it was too short a notice.


I'd like to thank you all for coming today.

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Don't handle the merchandise.

I had to do that by myself.

Do you want to know who did this?


As far as I'm concerned, English is not easy.

I'll put that on my to-do list.

We associate her face with a cherry.

It's the same here.

I like it better now.

We'll be right over.

What do you think is in the box?

The country is abundant in natural resources.

Whom did you give it to?

We should be careful.

The rugby ball is shaped something like an egg.

I'm wondering if I love her.

They didn't come here, did they?

It's one thing to make plans, but quite another to carry them out.

Jurevis doesn't remember where he put his keys.

I really liked talking to them.

The trouble is not with impure politics, but that the whole game of politics is rotten.

We're dying to meet her.

You'd better believe it.

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Metin was a good sport about it.


Tell them I won't allow Harold to leave the country.

He is proud that he is an artist.

"Victor?", Alice whispered.

I wasn't expecting you to do it for Toby.

The dog wants to sleep.


I left home early so I'd be on time for the meeting.

How serious is it?

I'm going jogging tomorrow.

Where is the boy?

I don't know how he does it.

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I'm Polish.

Start at the beginning.

Do you remember any words in Finnish?

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He put himself into the lion's den.

The child cried for help.

Mario has been waiting patiently in the lobby for three hours.

If you wish to speak to Byron, you'll need to wait about three hours.

Would you ask Catherine to come in?

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Lewis must've misunderstood Nelken.

Many lost their homes after the earthquake.

I can't find the printer.

The nurse checked Kathryn's blood pressure.

I have to go. I have other things to do.

I'm safe here.

That would be ideal.


What a shot!

The two systems are based on radically different principles.

I'll see them tomorrow morning.


Bruno is overwhelmed.

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You would not have needed to take a taxi.


I don't care if you're busy. Please help me now.

Ro isn't a morning person.

Why are you worried?

Let's see how things develop.

My father's birthday falls on Sunday this year.

I suddenly realized what was happening.

It was not until Chikako left me that I realized how much I loved her.

Sharan is a hemophiliac.

Klingon has to be the most useless language.

My eyes get tired very easily.

The British finally retreated.


Rob dialed 911.

He was destined to become a simultaneous interpreter.

There's enough to worry about without worrying about what Jem might be doing right now.

Jarl read a book while he was waiting for the bus.

If you could easily read anything in English, what would you like to read?

I know what Joon is doing here.

"Witches don't cry," she whispered softly.