You shouldn't live merely in pursuit of your own happiness.

Where has Leads been?


Tran knows you'll never forgive him.

His ideas are based on his experience.

Why do people like to smell their own farts?

He is careful about his manners.

Not all of us who have dyslexia mixed up "d" and "b" when we were little.


Ronald got really mad.

I don't want to work for you anymore.

Tell me when you are through with your work.


What time did you see her?

I wasn't talking about anyone in particular.

Sorrel wasn't really happy.


I remember it like it happened yesterday.

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We climbed the steep slope.

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Workers must have their hair cut short.


I want something else to do.

Moses is listening to music.

I got to go to Boston last week.

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Why didn't you tell me you didn't like it here?

Everyone voted for it. No one voted against it.

The counterfeit bills flooded the market over the weekend.

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I need a jack to change my tire.


Pick me up at 2:30.

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Mick isn't always happy.

It's none other than Paul!

Do you know where my old glasses are?

The thief admitted his guilt.

Both of them seem suspicious.


I overslept because I woke up late.


Their job is to confuse learners of the language.

How many teams participated in the championship?

Can I have something to eat?

That was something I wanted.

Rajesh didn't want me to tell you about the party.

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We weren't at home yesterday.

The train was so crowded that I had to stand up the whole trip.

How do you know it won't break down?

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None of the students could solve the problem.


Sometimes I'm right and sometimes I'm wrong.

This will blow you away.

How can I succeed in getting a date with Nancy?

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Michiel walked across the bridge.

Dan's opinion counts.

These are yellow flowers.

She filled her bag with apples.

He has a lot of money.

As our taxi broke down on the way, we had to walk to the station.

Life's nature is cyclic.

Nhan really enjoys his job.

Magnus always finds fault in everything.


In 1911, a revolt broke out.


She knows better than to argue with him.

No more, thank you. I'm full.

I took control of the situation.

Try to stay calm.

How do I know when my car needs a brake job?

He went skiing.

Give me food for thought, and I will find food for my stomach!

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I should take them with me.

Have you watched it?

In our time, there were many students who passed the graduation exam without studying.

I really, truly believe that.

I must have the wrong number.


Paul's knowledge of creative bookkeeping has been the secret of his ability to get all the staffing he needs.


Manolis wondered how long it would take to finish the job.

Are you aware that Anatoly was seeing Guido?

You've frightened Everett.

I want to give Mom a plant.

Oh yeah, I remember now.

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A lazy person is someone who doesn't have other people believe that he works.


What convinced you Vicky wasn't guilty?


Do you eat a lot?

No idea of danger crossed my mind then.

I'll cut your head off!

Pride tends to develop into hubris, which is close kin to madness.

Now, let me handle it.


Rome is in Italy.


I told her once and for all that I wouldn't go shopping with her.

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He fell asleep while reading a book.


Naoto burned Cathy's picture.


Marshall can't hold down a job. He's always getting fired.


I wouldn't go so far as to say your theory is completely wrong.

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Maria agreed to work with us.


Who told you to sit here?

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This is the hotel where Jochen usually stays.

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You're sick!


Don't believe everything Donn says.


Since my brother died suddenly two years ago, my sister-in-law has valiantly kept going the small jewellery store he left her.

The affair cost me many sleepless nights.

Tanya can't really do much else.

Could you teach me some French phrases that I might need?

What did you get for Christmas?

Dick's wife died in 2013.

Filipinos should write more about science in Filipino.

What do you make of my pie?

This play was well received by the press.

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After the earthquake, Hienz's world turned upside down.

Hey, I've got a better idea.

Please let me have my bill.


How many singers will participate in the concert?


Maybe that could be arranged.


Helge arrived in this prison in 1976.

God created the earth and took a rest one day later; though ever since he created women, he has had no peace and quiet.

Let's all get back to work.


I was aware of being watched.

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We've got to get in there.

I'd like her to be happy.

To live without air is impossible.

Terrance wears silk ties.

This is worse than everything else.

Please take care of yourself.

How do you put up with him?

I don't think that's true.

There's still a long way to go.

Shel gave a wide yawn.

I thought of one.


The polka is from Poland, as is the polonaise.


A number of friends saw him off.

I read a lot of magazines.

I wish I had a magic wand.

What's your favorite kind of weather?

I thought of that.

Why is this door locked?

Mysore is in the kitchen making tea.


I let her sleep on my couch.

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We're on the same team here.

Bob had to carry all three suitcases.

Where did you bake them?

We are adding examples in Berber.

Look for an enemy of your enemy, and you will find a friend.

He'll answer your letter soon.

I never laid a hand on him.

I stay up late every night.

Brazil declared war on Argentina in 1825.


It's probably going to be hard for you to leave Boston.


You killed the wrong person.


The comparison between the two was to his disadvantage.

It was hot, and in addition, it was humid.

He read the letter over and over.


The clock is ten minutes behind.


Emmett was listening.

Ric can't play chess.

I thought we'd be comfortable here.

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The boy mourned the death of his hamster.

Everyone's out in the back yard.

Is it really Bernie?