Why were you so surprised?


Clay tried to warn you.

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I love Arabic.

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X rays are used to locate breaks in bones.

Men first visited the moon in 1969.

The wind is howling.


I feel I'm playing Russian roulette with my life.

Minnesota's state bird is the mosquito.

He earns a living.

I really need to hit somebody.

Cindy told Ralph she was beautiful.

I intend to give this to you.

I need your car keys.

We'd better go look for Saiid.

Joubert is coming for you.

Taurus looks like he's happy.

Unfortunate things are likely to happen if you insist on acting this way.

It doesn't start before eight thirty.

What's in that cupboard?

If you want money, why don't you call Kyu?

Let them relax.


But while I am here, do you think you could replace the batteries?

Chip really got on my nerves.

I think it's time I left.

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The students of this school can get textbooks for free.

I have no friends supporting me.

Ask him his name.

She was merely stating a fact.

I thought Chuck might ask Panzer to the dance.

Can you translate this song for me?

You could've gone.

Let's be careful not to catch a cold.

They seldom, if ever, quarrel with each other.

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He's the only person she can trust.


"We need to get rid of the body," said Dean.


Mysore is much older than he looks.


I thought I could help Brenda.

Dan didn't even live with Linda.

Pets are allowed.

Don't move till I get back.

It's Germany's highest mountain.

We alternated in cleaning the room.

He began to learn English.

Anti-foreign sentiment is often stoked by the Chinese government in order to bolster cheap nationalism.

Do you need me to go with you?

The radio station came back on the air shortly after the storm.

He can handle English well.

My mother is really of the old school.

Things are not black and white.

I just need some more space.

I shut the door behind me.


The African elephant is the largest land mammal on earth.

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Does Elaine intend to help us?

Sidney appealed to us for help.

Both of my parents do not play golf.

Just how do you know all this?

He passed on yesterday.

The father of this president was also a president.

We need to start winning some games.

The computer is undoubtedly a valuable tool.

That's not for Duncan.

I'm pretty good at first aid.

She wears vanity glasses.


In 1961, Yuri Gagarin became the first human to pilot a spacecraft when he was launched aboard Vostok 1 by the Soviet Union.

You had better combine your work with your family life.

I would like to take that trip with you.

She visited me regularly.

Land covers about 30 percent of the surface of the earth.


Don't make so much noise.

I would have to agree.

I couldn't pass up that deal.

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Can I have a look at the magazine?


Don't leave me here alone.

Oh, while I remember, it seems that that was a bug that occurs when you use the comment field's 'letter-spacing' tag which adjusts the tracking.

The web goes slow when there are far too many people online.

I'm sure that's no fault of yours.

We have to show them that it's for real.

Mr David seems tired.

Don't talk back to me! I know what's better for you.

I am thankful for veterans.

I'd like to talk to you.

This discovery opened up the floodgates to research and led to the establishment of the discipline as a legitimate field of inquiry.

We threw them out.

I don't feel like talking.

Subra was hiding in the woods.

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There is an apple under the desk.


I don't hate Gigi at all.

But when all is said and done, they have one thing in common.

My parents caught me smoking.

Has Sandy finished his homework?

Freddy's been working the graveyard shift the past month, so he hasn't been able to see any of his friends who work normal hours.

Have you ever had any serious illness?

Jayesh went to the park with his dog.

I have to take you home now.

The longer you wait, the harder it's going to be to do it.

They're not rocks. They're minerals.

She's a homeowner, recently got married.

Dori returned from the kitchen with two mugs of coffee and sat down next to Dominic.

They made a movie of the entire ceremony.

Vickie owns a shell company in the British Virgin Islands.

His wife being out, he cooked dinner for himself.


They raise Arabian horses.

Son and Michiel were snuggled up to each other and Clarence was whispering something into Jesus's ear.

Hey, wake up!

He steeled himself against possible failure.

It's not a good idea to go out after dark by yourself.

In helicopters, yaw is controlled through the pedals, which alter the angle of attack of the tail rotor blades.

Ted loves science fiction.


A cubic meter corresponds to 1000 liters.


Is Cary still on the job?

He sat there smoking a pipe.

Eric's lawyer said that he couldn't put Swamy on the stand.

The food disagreed with him.

His words were proven correct.

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I love to eat sushi.

In autumn, leaves fall from trees.

We watched a new program on television.

This is my sister.

Have you finished reading that book yet?

My vet recommended putting my dog to sleep.

Thieves respect property. They merely wish the property to become their property that they may more perfectly respect it.

Seven years after his death, they discovered who was responsible.

You miss her a lot, don't you?

The last part of the trip was across the desert.

Niall is healthy.


Get in here, Mick.

Does Billy really like opera?

The standard greeting among the members of the Super Secret Silly Stoat Society is 'In the morning, stoats are beautiful', to which the expected response is 'So are they in the moonlight'.

Please contact me by letter.

When I am going to visit someone I look up to, I first write to him and tell him why.


Our teacher is a gentleman in the true sense of the word.

I'm not like her.

I'm really sorry to make you wait.


Well, what shall we do for fun today...

To make a long story short, he was fired.

Is it too early to call Himawan?


I spent the hole night igniting a fire.


I won't negotiate.

Can I use your telephone?

Our business is your perfect satisfaction.


They have been here for an hour.

Although they were not guilty, they were charged.

My girlfriend still doesn't know my parents.


What a foolish statement!

I can't give Mahesh everything he wants.

Aaron hit her on the head.

Give me ten minutes.

He is in his element when talking economics.


Shahid needs a cab.


I really agree with what you're saying.


Within two or three hours you will become a real donkey, just like the ones that pull the fruit carts to market.

Because of the poor harvest, wheat prices have gone up in the last six months.

Bill is 20 minutes late. He must have gotten lost somewhere.

Nothing will change that.

Japan is confronted with severe economic problems.

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It's time to wake up now. Kory, wake up!


I almost forgot to tell Malus about the party.


Turkeer is now married to Francis.

I don't want you to go back.

Trucks made it easy for goods to be transported.

Stop that car!

Isn't there anything you want to say?

We can't drink milk.

"Have to" is more common than "must."