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The entire city is overrun by zombies.

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She deserves this.

This is just a symptom of a bigger problem.

I am a tennis player.

I didn't endanger your lily-white reputation.

Just talk to her.

It made me resist the language I was learning.

Did you hear my show last night?

Donn told me I had to go home.

She works at Hooters.

Sarah is sleeping in his car.

I told them I got fired.

Our trip to Africa has become a catastrophe.

It's possible, isn't it?

Dale hasn't violated his contract.

I thought I was going to get here before you.


Simon invited Presley to his home for dinner.


Was that a dumb question?

Death is not the end. There remains the litigation over the estate.

Felix came back home tired.

My boyfriend freaks out a lot of the time, but overall he's a good guy.

Why didn't you call us?


Be sure to come here by five.


At which window can I make a reservation?


Esperanto is much easier than Interlingua.

Say good night, Teri.

He's always strutting around like a peacock.

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The revenues go to a charitable foundation.

I don't think I'll ever sound like a native speaker.

Jin walked over to the window and looked out.

Let's suppose that he is here.

I don't think it would be a good idea.

I have to be home for dinner.

There's not much traffic on this road after 8:00 p.m.

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This is one of the best Christmases I've ever had.

This speakeasy is controlled by the mob.

Fred is the fastest runner on our team.


There are two hundred pages.

Thank you for coming with me.

National welfare is the end of politics.


Break it up!

I don't remember their names.

How was today's game?

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Does Raj drive a station wagon?

I don't like to go outside when it's raining.

Perhaps my explanation sounds strange.

I thought Delbert might want it.

I know you'll do what's necessary.


You'd better listen to me.

That'll do in a pinch.

I'm in the middle of playing with my cat.

Why don't you like to speak in your language in public?

If Lievaart spoke a little slower, people would be able to understand him better.

This year, Valentine's Day falls on a Sunday.

Some animals are producing offspring in zoos.

Case knows what he wants.

What an easy problem it is!

Kimmo is too young to go to school.

The mother tickled her child with a feather.

She has waited her whole life for this very moment.

You have my thanks.


His mother died four years later.

I have heard about this kind of thing, but I have never seen it.

Eileen is a party boy.

Fletcher is fed up with Kenn.

Ragnar put on his glasses.


I just have a few questions.

Only in every third German household meals are cooked daily yet.

She's an accomplished artist.

Darci is ironing his shirts.

I cut class.

This is not a coincidence.

Reinhard wired some money to Wendi.

Come and drop by!

I can hear Tai singing.


Roll up your sleeves and get busy.

Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.

I spoke to him in English, but I couldn't make myself understood.

Our family budget is in the red.

The starlet is a little long in the tooth.

They can't believe it.

While napping, I had a strange dream.

It was hard for him to say no.

I don't need to do everything you tell me to do.

He asked me to throw the ball back.

There was no room for Leonardo DiCaprio on the lifeboat.

There is nothing I could do to change it.

Would you please write with a ballpoint pen?

Your left eye is congested.

We have a huge amount of food.

We had no notion of leaving our hometown.

I gave a bunch of roses to her in return for her hospitality.

Sridhar hit the nail right on the head.

I just met her yesterday.

We haven't been introduced.

Many think that Finnish is a really difficult language.


Let's put the Christmas tree here.

Do you want to see me again?

I'll call you first thing in the morning.

I think it's natural.

Things happened very quickly.

We discovered relics of an ancient civilisation.

Who's the D. J. today?

All her motions were graceful.

The helicopter landed and Raymond got out.

Irvin kept me waiting for over an hour.

"Look at me," said the Fox. "For the silly reason of wanting to study, I have lost a paw." "Look at me," said the Cat. "For the same foolish reason, I have lost the sight of both eyes."

Prostitutes make more than me.

I've got a proposition for you.

I don't understand what you're saying.

He is generous to excess.


Let's try to get this done before the end of the day.

We've done some very good things.

Don held up his hand to stop Kris.

He soon got accustomed to dormitory life and made two or three friends.

This is only a prototype.

Tango is the vertical expression of a horizontal desire.

I don't think I'd be that interested.

Nikolai is mixing flour with sugar.

Dick's book has been translated into many languages.

I shall not change my mind, whatever happens.

I thought you were crazy about Nguyen.

This car has a cigarette lighter.


It was hard for him to say no.

Rock and roll was a creation of the young generation.

I need to be here all day.

The lady really flipped out when she learned she had won a million dollars.

Whoever says so is a liar.

Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back to life.


I think that cultural exchanges are important.

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Are you an idiot or what?

The child was hiding in the box.

Can you do me a favour?


Who does he play tennis with?

The entire city is in danger.

I have a low opinion of him.

There's a little black spot on the sun today.

Natural food is not always good for our digestion.

Here, let me take a stab at it.

Duane is going to eat cake.


I'm back in the pink.

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The peach tree is beautiful when in flower.

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I went to the woman myself and told her about it, and she said that she also wanted to tell her daughter.


The only one in danger is you.

You don't have to worry.

I remember this old house.

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I was forced to sell my car.

Hiroyuki is proud of his children.

Are you keeping a journal?

I can't go along with what you said.

Would you relax, man?

My attempt gave no result.

Who's Eddy and how does he know me?

She is quite ignorant of the world.

Shyam and Hazel climbed the mountain in the rain.

I have a sensitive skin.

Get the hell away from me!


Pfirsichbaeumchen knows how to write in Berber.

Why didn't someone help him?

What do you think this means?

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She might come.

He sat in the chair.

I was totally wrong.

Can the dentist see me today?

The patriots rebelled on behalf of their homeland's rights.

They'll be back soon.

My wife was there.


They both looked back at him.


When I got home, I had a nice, ice-cold shower.