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Outsource Logistics was founded in 2000. From our humble beginnings in a small warehouse with one delivery van, we have grown our business into what it is today… a leader in supply chain solutions in the Southeast. We operate 3 separate divisions with over 70 employees and assets including a tractor trailer fleet & delivery van fleet, 150,000 square feet of multi-client commercial warehouse and order fulfillment center, a 400,000 square feet dedicated warehousing center as well as an additional 500,000 square feet of leased warehouse space. Our fleet of modern tractor trailers make delivery from our warehouse to your customers seamless.

With well over 100 years of combined logistics experience on staff in areas including warehousing, transportation and customer service, we can assure you that we can find a solution for your logistics problems. Whether you need room for a couple of truckloads or a dedicated and fully staffed warehousing operation, we can accommodate you. Contact us today for more information.


  • 3+ Years In Agricultural Chemical Industry

    5+ Years With Dupont As Manager Of Warehousing And Compliance

    Managed Over 35 3PL Facilities Nationwide

    Paul Everett

  • Over 27 Years In Transportation

    20+ Years With Roadway Express Inc.

    Managed Terminals With Over 100+ Employees

    Lee Smith

  • 23 Years With Bowman Transportation

    14 Years With Estes Express

    Has Managed Our National Sales Efforts Since 2005

    Danny Helms
    National Sales Manager

  • 13+ Years Roadway Express Operations

    6+ Years With Lowes Distribution

    5+ Years S.E. Manager Of Jacuzzi/ Whirlpool Distribution And Warehousing

    John Vanlandingham
    Operations Manager

Southeast Warehousing Facility




Since the birth of the industry over a decade ago, flexibility of resources - such as space, labor, and equipment - has been one of the primary advantages of public warehousing.

The ability to obtain professional warehousing and distribution services and only pay for the amount of space or services that you actually need not only provides cost savings by eliminating waste, but creates the agility to quickly enter and exit markets and adjust inventory levels to seasonal demands.

  • Realize Significant Cost Savings
  • Experience Smooth Execution Of Your Supply Chain Strategy

Have the flexibility to meet your ever-changing warehousing needs without increasing your overhead. Eliminate the hassle and expense of renting space, searching for qualified employees, investing in technology and equipment and scheduling transportation.

Feel free to contact a knowledgeable member of our team for further detailed information.


Whether you’re new to e-commerce fulfillment or searching for a new fulfillment partner, you’ll find Outsource Logistics offers The Complete Package: easy order processing, affordable storage and shipping services, and timely turnaround on pick, pack and ship.

Our instant infrastructure gives you essential multi-million dollar brick and mortar with a comprehensive Warehouse Management System (WMS) for effectively managing and shipping inventories. Successful companies know that brand loyalty is frequently dependent on what happens after the sale. Many manufacturers have found a flexible, cost-effective third-party solution to their service parts program can reap many benefits.

  • Real-time inventory control on client tailored systems
  • Same-day shipping, rush shipments, assembly, kitting, bill-of-materials & specialized packaging

Outsource Logistics is your strategically located Southeast fulfillment center, shrinking delivery times and lowering shipping costs.

Feel free to contact a knowledgeable member of our team for further detailed information.


We offer a full range of transportation capabilities nationwide, including van, flatbed, refrigerated, intermodal, and freight pooling services. Since we offer both asset-based and non-asset based transportation solutions, we have the ultimate flexibility to manage all your transportation needs.

Most shippers have always wanted a way to shop carriers, transit times, and prices to get the best combination available for each shipment. We provide a place for you to easily shop for efficient service and price as well as select a service provider that meets all your needs. Now you have it at your fingertips.

  • On-time, reliable and cost-effective transportation services.
  • Full range of transportation capabilities nationwide, including van, flatbed, refrigerated, intermodal, and freight pooling services.

Finding additional capacity during business surges, optimizing your traffic patterns, increasing efficiency and controlling costs isn’t easy… but it’s much less complicated when you turn to Outsource Logistics!

Feel free to contact a knowledgeable member of our team for further detailed information.


Our Specialized Services Division, Outsource Delivery, provides white glove home delivery services and expedited delivery services. Our trusted delivery associates are carefully selected, trained, and held to a high standard of white glove delivery performance.

Our expedited delivery service can get your product to your customer when traditional transportation modes fail. We can safely get your goods to your customer’s door within a 10 hour drive time radius.

  • Our delivery service is designed to deal with large scale, high value products including furniture, major appliances, and more.
  • We are an affiliate of Stevens Van Lines and can provide you with high quality special services.

Our trained professionals can assist you every step of they way to make your product delivery experience a pleasant one.

Feel free to contact a knowledgeable member of our team for further detailed information.

  • April 23, 2015PortSide: Outsource Logistics opens new location near port of Savannah
  • February 22, 2015Made In Valdosta: Outsource Logistics
  • February 14, 2010Valdosta is fifth destination location for logistics in the nation
  • December 15, 2009Haier America selects us a master distributor of their HVAC product line for entire Southeast
  • January 2, 2009 Newly upgraded traffic management system software aquisition
  • December 8, 2008Exciting expansion project in Valdosta, GA.
  • November 1, 2007Signed 3 year lease contract with RBI Corporation for 20,000 square feet in Albany

Outsource Logistics Expands to Savannah

Valdosta-based Outsource Logistics has moved into the Savannah market with the opening this month of a new warehouse strategically located less than two miles from Interstate 95 and six miles from Georgia Ports’ Garden City Terminal.

Starting with 150,000 square feet at the Pooler Distribution Complex on Old Louisville Road — with plans to expand within the year — Outsource will offer a range of distribution services, including long- and short-term term warehousing, container trans-loading and order fulfillment, as well as drayage to and from the port.

“With the Savannah market area experiencing phenomenal growth, our entry into this market with an experienced logistics team positions us nicely to serve our client base,” said Lee Smith, who co-owns the company with Paul Everett. “We are excited to be a part of the Savannah logistics community and want to thank our partners and the people of Savannah for being so helpful in our new venture,” he said.

Made in Valdosta

Made in Valdosta: Outsource Logistics By Stuart Taylor VALDOSTA — Outsource Logistics got its start in 1999 when Paul Everett decided to get into the distribution business after years of working for Griffin. “I managed their local warehouse and some of their third-party facilities across the country,” said Everett. “I decided Valdosta was a great place for distribution. I didn’t understand that nearly as well then as I do now.”

Everett leased a warehouse, bought a small delivery truck, and started trying to find clients. For help with that, he turned to Lee Smith who for 20 years had been working as a sales rep for Roadway Express. “Paul was the warehousing expert,” said Smith. “My expertise was more on the freight side. We decided if we combined the two, it’d create a logistics company before people knew what logistics meant.”

With Smith coming on board in 2000 as a co-owner, Smith and Everett set out to build the business. Like many businesses just starting out, those early years found Smith and Everett wearing many different hats. Everett recalls late nights, his wife and him packaging batteries to be shipped out. But those late nights paid off as the business grew. “It grew until the Twin Towers fell,” said Smith. “It shrunk about 20 percent of our volume literally overnight. That was a historical time. We started back over, started rebuilding warehousing clientele.”

And while the company had to rebound again in wake of the Great Recession, Outsource Logistics has grown greatly since its inception, thanks in part to it being in Valdosta. “We’re right here on I-75, so you’ve got north and south traffic. We’re just north of I-10, which gives you east and west traffic. We’re just close enough to the ports that you become an option for people that are importing/exporting,” Smith said. “But we’re far enough away that we’re not involved in the traffic issues they face there.”

So, what is it Outsource Logistics does exactly? “We provide a personalized, private distribution center without the customer having to invest in the capital assets to provide one for themselves,” said Everett. Clients use Outsource’s warehouses to house their products until they need to be picked up and distributed, renting space in much the same way a company might rent office space. Along with storage, Outsource offers distribution across the United States to clients. “It’s a complete turnkey method,” said Smith. “We can truck it in, warehouse it and distribute it.” The majority of the products Outsource deals with are agriculture and/or industrial chemicals, including herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and growth regulators for plants.

The company also does food-grade warehousing for bottled water. “Pretty much anything that doesn’t require refrigeration, heating or cooling, we can handle,” said Everett. Now in its 16th year, Everett and Smith have plans to continue expanding Outsource Logistics. “The next developing market for us to help feed this operation is to get a location in Savannah,” said Smith. “The port in Savannah is growing at such a rapid pace. We can help feed a lot of business down here in Valdosta. We know why Valdosta is such a great distribution point; we need to be in Savannah to convince those folks.”

“Savannah is definitely a target,” said Everett. “And we’ve got a couple of other targets on our radar.” Along with geographic expansion, Everett and Smith are also looking to grow Outsource’s trucking fleet as well as services.

Expansion Solutions Magazine selects Valdosta as the fifth destination location for logistics in the nation

Valdosta... Logistics Mecca!!! "After recognition as the third best metropolitan statistical area in it's category for industrial recruitment and expansion in March, Valdosta has made its mark once again, this time as the fifth destination location for logistics in the nation, according to Expansion Solutions Magazine..." ~ Valdosta Daily Times

Expansion Solutions is proud to announce the first annual Awards of Excellence. These awards recognize communities who have made exceptional positive progress in the economic development arena by successfully recruiting and maintaining businesses. These growing communities represent various industries and, in some cases, clusters of industry-related businesses.

It is with great honor that we present the inaugural Awards of Excellence, carefully chosen by the staff of Expansion Solutions, in the following categories: Automotive, Logistics, Warehouse/Distribution, Medical, Food Processing, Biotech, and Aerospace. The winners are listed in alphabetical order and are reflective of our top five picks. For more information please visit our web site at

Valdosta ranked 5th in nation as logistics destination

Outsource Delivery has been selected by Haier America as a master distributor of their HVAC product line for the entire Southeast region.

Haier America is a global leader for room air conditioner, compact refrigerator, and wine cellar sales, as well as a leading force in home appliances, compact laundry, compact freezer, and HDTV sales. Benton McCarley has been hired as Sales Manager for the division and will oversee the marketing of the HVAC line in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and South Carolina. Benton comes to us with over 30 years of HVAC sales and operations experience and will be a tremendous asset to the company. proudly unveils its newly upgraded traffic management system.

The fastest and most flexible TMS on the web just got better with our recent release. In addition to our already great pricing, first class service, and wide carrier selection, our upgrades have introduced our customers to a newly styled and functional site that includes real time financial and credit information, the ability to print shipping labels with the touch of a button, a mileage calculator, a zip code lookup, and much more!

SHOP - SELECT - SHIP It’s Just That Easy!

Freight Shipping Services LTL Truckload

Outsource Logistics recently completed an exciting expansion project

Outsource Logistics recently completed an exciting expansion project at our corporate warehouse/office facility in Valdosta, GA. The expansion was a two phase project which consisted of the acquisition of a new warehouse facility on adjacent property, as well as racking a portion of our existing 80,000 square foot facility. "The new warehouse acquisition increased our footprint to 140,000 square feet of modern warehouse and office space on approximately 22 acres!" The racking project increased our capacity in our existing facility by approximately 300 pallet spaces while allowing our operators more selectivity and control over order picking which will further increase shipping and inventory accuracy.

New Warehousing Space Aquired

Outsource Logistics announced today the completion of a 3 year lease contract with RBI Corporation for 20,000 square feet in their Albany warehouse complex. RBI Corporation is based in Ashland, VA and specializes in lawn and garden parts distribution. They will employ 6 to 8 full time employees and expect to package and ship 500 to 600 UPS packages per day as well as larger truck shipments


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