Welcome to Kraft Heinz Supplier Quality web site. This site is designed to facilitate the communication between Kraft Heinz and our suppliers. Here you will find all of the Quality Requirements and Guidelines for Suppliers to Kraft Heinz, as well as the slides used in our Supplier Forums.

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Supplier Quality and Food Safety Contractual Requirements

Supplier Quality Expectations and Global Packaging Standards:

SQE Manual Global Packaging Standard
510-273-7312 Unit Load Policy 6
773-253-7181 DAR Form 6

Kraft Heinz Global Warehousing, Handling, Storage, Re-packing and Transportation Quality Expectations:

Kraft Heinz Global Warehousing, Handling, Storage, Re-packing and Transportation Quality Expectations Manual  
 Quality Support Material

Food Defense Supplier Guidelines:

Food Defense Supplier Guidelines 3072902234
Food Defense Supplier Guidelines Portuguese (574) 688-3424 

Continuing Pure Food Guarantee Letter:
Note: Applicable only for NA suppliers (U.S. and Canada)

Continuing Pure Food Guaranty  
 Food Safety and Quality General Training Guidelines

The following training material is intended to build awareness of Food Safety and Quality programs and practices. Producing safe, consistent quality product is key to maintaining the trust and confidence of our customers and consumers. For the complete set of quality requirements, please refer to the 8283108640 section.

Training Program Features:

  • Accessible 24/7
  • Training Modules can be completed in less than 25 minutes
  • Interactive Learning activities including quizzes

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Cleaning & Sanitation Hold & Release Requirements for Materials and Products
Controlling Microbiological Hazards (605) 327-7189
Controlling Unlabelled Allergens 7 Steps of Dry Sanitation
GMPs: Employee Practices 7 Steps of Wet Sanitation
(705) 534-0013 8448289268
9148987996 7737427019
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