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Tell me what's going on here.


Loukas will do everything he's asked to do.

If you survive, you will read.

You may dance as you please.


Where's our stuff?

He is going to be a father soon.

That's over now.


Have you heard from her recently?

The sand is warm.

I go to a driving school.

Bobby decided to ask for Randall's help.

Beasts are numerous as fuck in this forest.

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We're a team, not individuals! We need to work as a team.

We shouted for help, but no one came.

Grace continued staring at the blank screen.


The ship will arrive by way of several countries.


I'm really going to miss Maarten when he moves to Boston.

Please sponge the mess up of the table.

He will have no choice but to accept.

The dog tagged along after his master.

For the most part I will agree with what he said.


I just spaced out for a second.

How did this dangerous state come about?

Venkata may be back sometime tomorrow.


The debate was very contentious and didn't result in any fruitful conclusions.

Where's the milk?

There are sushi restaurants in almost every country in the world.

Price accidentally locked himself out of his office.

I don't intend to tell you anything.

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I'm not ashamed that I am poor.

We happened to see a truck run into the guard-rail.

He tried to lighten the mood.

He bought the picture for next to nothing.

Everyone gets what they deserve.

You aren't the only one who likes baseball. Kikki likes it, too.

Pim was killed by Novo.


Do you want to play golf or not?

The modern version, which is now popularly recognized in China as the standard qipao, was first developed in Shanghai after 1900.

Stagger is a very fast swimmer.

This is my cell number.

There aren't so many places in the world that are as temperate and so often sunny as where I live.

We can do that later.

Could we talk in private?

I do not like him, but I like her.

Liberty is one of imagination's most precious possessions.

This is not what I wanted to say.

I don't think I'm allowed to do that.

Well, well, well.

Dimetry wants to feel important.

Does that seem right to you?

Data curation is the art of pampering data in a way that doesn't look like doctoring.


Our progress was put in check.

There's no reason to fix something that isn't broken.

The law is a set of rules of civil conduct that supposedly reflect the values of the society that created the law.

How do you write your last name?

What would you tell him to do?

I am absorbed in growing herbs and your Web pages are a great help to me.

Is it easy to get there?

"Lost?" - "Yes..." - "Frightened?" - "Yes." - "Confused?" - "Yes!" - "Good! Ahahahaha!"

They just announced their engagement.

Does it sound familiar?

I entered Patricia's bedroom and saw him asleep in his bed.

Susan is two years my senior.

Doyle was the last person to leave the room.


People were anxious for news of missing relatives.

I gave my horse its head.

I know you did this.


"Look! Thanks to you I'm getting dumped all the time." "Oh? Isn't it just because of your everyday behaviour?"

Your answer is wrong.

The fear in your eyes betrays the lie on your tongue.

This is a top secret mission.

She does not understand English.

That's not a choice you have.

This umbrella belongs to me.


They didn't so much as hint at it.

Janice wants me to stay here in Boston until Monday.

Show Earnie the magazine.

We're going to help.

I used to love that.

Rolf can't run as fast as Ronni.

Mick is definitely not going to be there.


Sridharan is the one who usually washes the car.

Kriton prayed that her mother would forgive her.

Sun rise was incredibly beautiful.

She's about the same height as you.

Who designed the sets for the play?

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He gave up the plan for economic reasons.


Vivek made peace with Walt.


He stood behind his mother.


I know for a fact Leung had nothing to do with this.

Dennis could tell that Jisheng wanted to be somewhere else.

Who did Batman save?

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We're going to do what Hiroyuki said we should do.


If it were up to me, you would all be exiled.

In the human body, we find: hair, forehead, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, jaw, cheeks, beard, teeth, tongue, etc..

That's not possible anymore.

Mr Smith made her his secretary.

She bought (it).

Was that you who coughed?

You have to pay me for all my translations.


"But you just come here in the summer!" Said Tony.


Her house stands back from the road.

Your lives will be spared.

We'll meet in the park.


Mother always tells me not to sit up late at night.

You should try to see it.

How would you describe me?

It's as old as the hills.

Did you see the picture?


Don't worry. I'll be careful.

I came to tell you not to worry.

You're wealthy, aren't you?

I guess that's all I need.

She received a parcel.


You don't talk a lot.

We insist that during the next three days you make decisions which are fair to all generations and which show an active concern for the environment.

Huey was utterly humiliated.

If I don't fail, then I can get my driving license this year.

I agree it's not easy.

What is a Christmas market?

"How will you keep Janice from going to the police?" "I'll offer him money."

What does he really believe?

I understood that text !

It took me several hours to paint that room.

In the street, flags are flying.


My office is on the fourth floor of that gray six-story building.

I move around a lot.

Meeks is being very charming.


We're going to be just fine.

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Sheila didn't budge.

We tend to use English when we see a foreigner.

No other language is as beautiful as Japanese.

Who do you think will win this year's Super Bowl?

When she was four, she knew how to read.

I can't answer the phone now.

You close your eyes.

She entered this school last year.

Nobody expected that his condition would take a sudden turn.

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He exposed corruption in the city government.

Darci sent flowers to his mother on her birthday.

At no period of our ancient history does there appear to have been greater attention paid to the culture of the female mind than during the age of Elizabeth and at no time has there existed a greater number of amiable and respectable women.

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They could be listening.


The rule doesn't hold well in our case.


He never lets anyone do anything.


I didn't get enough sleep.

The stadium was quite still.

The show's going to be great.

Urs won't talk about that.

It's not good to read in a dark room.

It went extremely well.

Where is the book?


It's been pretty much the same over here.

The frog in the well.

Remember me to your family.


Do you want to learn French?

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That's not the way it happened at all.

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I can't believe he did that.

Konrad often gets ear infections.

Marian paid the bill and pocketed the change.

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Thankfully she did not die.