I would like to use your word processor.

Benson ran out of the classroom.

The first time I tried out my new bike I overbalanced and fell off.


As a young girl, she wanted to become a professional tennis player and, at one time, was a ranked player on the junior tennis circuit.

I've stopped counting.

Why would Gale want to kill anyone?

It looks like we have everything.

I am not so diligent as my brother.

Yes, sausage and sauerkraut please.

She left home bag and baggage.


Can you put me up tonight?

Take some exercise every day for your health.

He is the last man to take a bribe.

Lana said that he doesn't like this color.

I don't work on Sunday.

We didn't go very far.

They are now leveling the road with a bulldozer.

I didn't go anywhere yesterday.

The girl seemed to pay no attention to him.

We need to get back to the basics.

This computer doesn't work.

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I made you something to eat.

Pierce swam across the Channel.

That statement is incorrect.

While we were discussing the situation, Terri broke in to give her opinion.

Ragnar looks like he's about to faint.

He stayed up all night.

We have to think about our children.

The prime minister will make an announcement tomorrow.

What're you going to do with Srikanth?

Can you deal with it?

He cut his sister a piece of bread.

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He has a good position in a government office.

Jim pointed out some grammatical mistakes in my composition.

Kinch, would you leave us alone for a moment?

Do you believe in such things?

My entire school attends the game.

I haven't seen very much of Isidore recently.

I married her.

We can dispose the car.

By definition, an acute angle is less than 90 degrees.

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How did you know all that?

Jakob sure does sleep a lot.

You must get off at the next station.

I live in Malta.

I didn't know where to look.


The city in which they live has a large Spanish-speaking community.

Traveling by ship gives us great pleasure.

I can tell you what I know.

Will you come back home soon?

Tracey was severely injured.

I pardoned my friend for his poor manners.

I pointed out that we needed more money for the poor.

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Sixty delegates were elected.


I didn't know what to do exactly.


I thought I'd made it clear that I didn't want to do that.

Tigger still doesn't speak French very well.

I just didn't sleep well.

I'd rather tell her in person.

That's done.

The girl usually drinks orange juice.

Les started back.

Is today Friday?

I can't believe this is really over.

If you study earnestly, you can expect to pass the exam.

You're vulnerable right now.

I started liking Rolf as soon as I met her.

Suwandi came a few days later.

Rafik complained that he had too much homework.

They won us over with their small-town hospitality.

Hang on just one moment.

Hui must've gone another way.


I thought we could go out and get something to eat.


Blaine got out of bed this morning later than usual.

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Does it show?

We've been disqualified.

It reminds me of her.

Max asked Jayesh if she needed some help.

Somebody called my name in the dark.

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I hate it when hair clogs the drain.

Price seems to be crying.

They're allies.

You are someone very special to me.

Boyd is an early bird.


It's really worth it.

It was very fun.

Don't be so disgusting.

In my experience, it is possible for me to speak quickly with pauses between every word.

I pay my university fees to go to university by part-time work. Well, I'm a 'working student' I suppose.

You were right, she doesn't live in Rio.

I borrowed money from Cindie.

100 per cent of us die, and the percentage cannot be increased.

I thought Oscar would be returning to Boston.

He has always got his head stuck in a book.

It seems we're sick.

German has more words for snow than many other languages.

I didn't make a phone call either.

Spass was cornered by a group of rebels.

I have news! Melissa is pregnant.

Don't turn your back on Connie.

That is a recognized American author.


Leave me be.

May I use some paper?

I don't like this soup.

I'd like to talk to you away from the press.

The soup is in the tureen.

Infinite patience and infinite impatience: one of these two expressions makes sense and the other doesn't.

The principal presented the new teacher.

Please answer me by telegram.

Gunter isn't a soldier.

Barton and Bill are awake.

They were able to do it on their own.

You are the first to arrive.

The hardware store is still where it used to be.

These dishes don't retain heat very well.

It is broiling hot.

I was born and brought up in Matsuyama.

I can not make out at all what you say.


Masao studies history under Prof. Ito's guidance.


Blossoming cherry is beautiful.


I was taken prisoner.

I was amazed by her quick response.

Try and look happy.

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I enjoyed working with you.


Oh, what have I done? What have I done?

Men's clothing is loose fitting.

The better half of my life is gone.

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This is fundamentally wrong.

I looked in the direction of the window, but didn't see anything.

Why did you buy a British car?

Is there anything that you want to tell me?

Don't try to leave town.


Everybody in the building headed for the exits at the same time.

I live in Minnesota right now.

He was elected mayor of Boston.

He used to read at night.

How much English can you speak?


I know she is very lovely.

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He is not a singer, but an actor.

Let's not talk about that right now.

How can I get rid of him?

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I'll ride with Stanislaw.


What did you see that night?


Glynn spends a lot of time looking for his car keys, mobile phone or glasses.

Don't talk to me now.

I have wanted to be a painter for a long time.


Whose decision is it?

Tony is very disorganized.

There was nobody under 30 around.

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Many politicians are undergoing a conversion of conscience on the subject of marriage equality, which not coincidentally reflects a shift in public opinion overall.


It's a bit weak example.

We'll certainly try.

We would often sit up all night discussing politics.

Melt the chocolate, add butter and mix well.

Teri shook hands with me.


This is a stick-up! Hand over all ya' got or you're fuckin' dead!

Let's sit here until the sun goes down.

Have you fired Kim?

You've hit it! The book was still in the car.

That's all we know about them.

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Your passport photo doesn't look anything like you.

Football players make a lot of money.

Rob told me the good news!

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He gets a little bold after he's had a few drinks.

I wasn't the only one who made promises.

Students generally like a teacher who understands their problems.