I arrived here safely early this morning.


Can I get a cup of coffee to go?

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Jon pays his debts promptly.

She handed him the money.

People are people through other people.

We slept on a very long bed.

One thousand buildings lay in ruins.

You must think I'm stupid.

Wilmer is likely older than Jorge.

I'm studying economics at university.

Was I wrong?

Mats was plastered.

I never heard from them again.

The two men were arrested for reckless driving.

Does he speak English, French or German?


Hand me that small screwdriver.

I was so wrong about her.

I'm sorry I can't help you.

How bad is the need?

Are you going to ask them?

I guess I was afraid I was losing Phiroze.

My brother went to Bejaia.


Judy showed Ravi a few coins.

Thunderstorms are both scary and exciting.

You know many things, don't you?

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A fed person doesn't know how hungry the hungry person is.

He retired at sixty.

I understood almost everything.


He hid his emotions and pretended to be enthusiastic.

Do you need a coat?

The talk was peppered with scientific jargon that no one understood.

What have you been up to, Erin?

I see double.

We're just where we're supposed to be.

Terry is making magazine covers.


Lloyd made stew for dinner.

He gave me what money he had with him.

I just can't help you this time.


Excessive smoking will injure your health.

Chances come rarely in any case.

Who wants more coffee?

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Clara is on the honor roll.


Today is election day in Poland.

The population of China has already exceeded 1.3 billion.

No sound was to be heard.

She called to tell him that she'd be late.

The first thing to do was call for the doctor.

Two years ago Hume and Antonio split up, but recently they got together again.

Marion is busy writing the report now.

Don't find fault with your friend.

She went to see him while he was staying in Boston.

She is anything but a singer.

He was always as good as his word.


Go tell the Spartans, stranger passing by, that here, obedient to their laws, we lie.

"Do you know anything about Bill?" "No, what happened to him?"

How one can let themselves go in such a way, is unfathomable.

"I'm from Canada", he said.

I haven't seen him since then.

Phiroze followed John across a cornfield.

I want to join your team.

It was clever of you to tell him that.

Spudboy certainly looked and sounded better than he did last month when we visited him.

Konrad wasted our time reporting a lot of irrelevant details.

He's nervous and easily frightened.

Since the bus was late, I took a taxi.

I'm getting married this year.


It's dangerous to tell Chris your secrets because he tells everybody.

I need to repay her.

Would you like a bigger one?

The first step is a doozy.

He did the work in spite of many obstacles.

His hair is blond and he looks young.

It's not a date or anything.

Ben will never agree to that.

Please send me your latest catalog.

I'm just used to dealing with stereotypes. They're part of life, after all.

The heavens are bright with stars tonight.

I have pretty much forgotten the emphatic constructions.

Are you really that ignorant?

Bert didn't tell me what the problem was.

Love blinded him to her faults.


Bruce chuckled to himself as he read the letter.


As these trees grow tall, they rob the grass of light.

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Suzanne was a biker.

Did Mah ever tell you what he wanted you to do?

I don't want you to be lonely.

I can't make you any promises.

He explained how the accident came about.

My mother was no less angry with me than my father.

Maybe you should tell him that.

How many of you are there?

Ofer and Jennie are both dead.

What kind?

That was depressing.


He says he has never caught cold during the past several years.

I've got a partner.

Sergeant bought a squirrel magnet and put it on the fridge.


These coins are of little value.

The story in published in all the newspapers.

Do you know how to eat with chopsticks?

They said they only wanted to be left alone.

We'll work together.

Which season do you like the best?

We're going to help you do that.


We've never actually been out on a date together.

Relax and do the test.

Pandora said you needed a haircut.

Faithfulness is a virtue.

Don't feel so bad. There's always someone worse off than you.

What he said was nothing less than a threat.

Those aren't tacos.

Bart looked around to see who was talking.

A careful analysis of the process of observation in atomic physics has shown that the subatomic particles have no meaning as isolated entities, but can only be understood as interconnections between the preparation of an experiment and the subsequent measurement.

I heard that that boy traveled from Hokkaido to Kyushu by bicycle.

She had to accept her fate.


How many persons does this hall hold?

Do not touch the console or connected accessories during an electrical storm.

Holding hands can express love between two people.


You should try a little harder.

He lives round the corner.

Please take care of yourself so you don't catch a cold.


Ask him whether Leora is at home or not.


Don't you care?

Without an air conditioner, people nowadays cannot live.

Once your reputation's gone, you can boldly carry on.

Gordon washed the apple before he ate it.

This is exactly what I was hoping to hear.

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We had a real good time.


I can't make it out.

Did you go anywhere for the summer?

This worker is easy to replace.

Teenage boys love playing video games.

I'll come back, I promise.

I heard that Vladislav shot himself.

I go to Tokyo every day.

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Did you find everything you want?

Why do you want to be a nurse?

I left for America at ten o'clock.

Jayesh was caught off guard by Nelken's question.

You sure are dirty.

We never seem to be able to compromise on anything.

Nora paid a surprise visit to Sandra.


I thought I put it in the car.

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We're not exactly sure.


Cathryn opened his toolbox.


Tahsin is a hard man to deal with.


Shakil was very busy today.

You've got to stop doing that.

There is a fixed standard in the king's principles.

I think she is the kindest woman on earth.

I hope you had a great day!


Her beauty is the admiration of the whole school.

Jayant is Jeannie's ex.

Peggy was attacked.


Biddle was an extremely intelligent man.


Five minutes early is punctual for soldiers.

Paola told Hirofumi to go to her room.

The doctor called him back.

I could just refuse to help Devon.

We start classes next Monday.


It wasn't on sale.

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How much money have you obtained?


When John was fourteen he was apprenticed to the trade of carpenter.