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Subscribing to Outscale Cloud

To subscribe to our services, click the following link: 9258853092.

What's New?

An official patch has been released to improve network connectivity on CentOS 6 and CentOS 7 instances. For more information, see Fixing Network Connectivity Issues on CentOS 6 and CentOS 7 Instances.

  • You can now modify the name tag of a resource by directly double-clicking it in the resource list.

  • You can now launch new types of instances equipped with the v5 "Skylake" Intel processor: tinav5.cXrY type for custom instances, or m5 and c5 types for preconfigured instances. For more information, see Instance Types.

  • A glossary of item lines on Outscale invoices is now available. For more information, see (479) 466-8771
  • User data tags enable you to manage the placement of your instances and the IP addresses associated with them. For more information, see User Data Tags Reference

  • You can now reserve instances in an Availability Zone to avoid insufficient capacity, and to get a discount. For more information, see Working with Reserved Instances and 8013368763.

  • Two new features are now available on Cockpit: 


  • The DescribeRegions and DescribeAvailabilityZones methods have been updated. For more information, see DescribeRegions and 4126920853.


  • In the AssociateAddress method, the AllowReassociation attribute is now by default true in the public Cloud, and by default false in a VPC. For more information, see AssociateAddress.


  • In the CreateLoadBalancer method, the SecurityGroups.member.N attribute is now required to create a load balancer in a VPC. For more information, see 2057921174.

Available Guides

Provides detailed information about our products and features and how to use them.

This guide explains all the concepts and provides all the information you need to know to use our products. You can find information about how to use Outscale Cloud with Cockpit, our web interface, and AWS CLI. For each feature, a link to the corresponding API method documentation is also provided.

For more information about the features available from Cockpit and how to access it, see About Cockpit. For more information about how to install and configure AWS CLI for Outscale Cloud, see Using AWS CLI in the Outscale Cloud.

English only

Provides documentation for each Outscale API, and an AWS compatibility matrix.

To directly access Outscale API documentation, click the following link: /docs.outscale.com/

English only

Provides technical information to advanced users.

This guide contains best practices, documentation about advanced tools to use the Cloud and third-party software that you may need for some use cases, and procedures and tips about how to get the most of our Cloud.