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You promised you'd be there.


Let's invite Wade over for dinner.

I don't think Oleg knows anything.

I wish I knew how to speak French.

You shouldn't move it.

Do you want some of this?


She's the black sheep of the family.

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For all his faults, Sam is still a very likable person.

Keith didn't want to tell Vance about what had happened.

Are you sure this is the right number?

I hated to write with a fountain pen.

What are you going to do tomorrow afternoon?

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I'm not trying to make you feel bad.

We won't get fooled again.

Why did you turn down his request for a pay rise?

Please don't tell anybody about this.

I just have to make a call.

Swallows fly away at the approach of winter.

The witch told the servants to sharpen the knives, and to make a great fire ready, and hang a large kettle full of water over it.


They like to wear bright colors.


How did you come up with that?

Dan is itching to leave.

Don't let him escape!


About how much will it cost?

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I'm willing to give you everything I've got.

Van, you've got to talk to Graeme.

She complained of her headache.

Having read the book, I was ready for the examination.

I don't want him to get into trouble.

Were you watching?

If not, how do you explain the acceleration?

They boast of their bridge.

Petr is looking for a belt.

The hotel has a lot of foreign guests.

It's too bad she's ill.


Leora has a great smile.


Can't you also use this website sort of like Twitter?

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We know you're in there, Wolf.


We should do more to protect the ozone layer from further damage.

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It's easy to find friends; it's harder to keep them.


I have to study for tomorrow's French test.

Don't make me stay.

She basically said that, without going into details.


She suffers from a contagious disease.


It is no time for sleeping or for being careless of ourselves.


Some of them are really fine.

The Ferris wheel is my favorite.

Let's scrap everything and start over again with a clean slate.

I'd like a Manhattan.

I have a prickling sensation in my left eye.

Blayne doesn't drink now.

You said we were going shopping.

Bring me a glass of tea with lemon.

He's going through a mid-life crisis.

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Victor was wearing a janitor's uniform.

Silver chloride is not completely water-soluble.

His constant state of wariness caused him great weariness.

I wouldn't have done that in your place.

Do you like playing sports?

This is the secret of true happiness.

A great love is a credit opened in favor of a power so consuming that the moment of bankruptcy must inevitably occur.


Konstantinos denied knowing anything about the robbery.

The boy started to sob.

Would you like to exchange links?


Don't make fun of them.

He is studying English, but he is also studying German.

Hsuan has three soccer trophies.

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I take a shower every morning.

The man is loading the moving truck on his own.

On warm days, bears stretch out or lie on their backs with their feet in the air.


Oh wow, you are fast.

Who will teach our children?

This drink tastes somewhat familiar.

Can you afford the time for it?

Bob became a preacher.


We're working on it now.

What have you just written?

He slowly raised the gun.


Organize your work in different chapters.


You're supposed to help me.

In spite of the rain, I went out.

Tarmi doesn't care how Donal dresses.

Gregor seemed interested.

Why didn't Matthew tell me?


"Did Jesus walk over water and then turn it into wine?" "No, that's a different story!"


When did you go to Boston?

It's no use talking to him.

He begged me to stay.

Indonesia is unique in its stance towards religion.

I regret nothing of my life.

Nils may not want to go.

I told you that I wasn't interested.

These shoes hurt.

Even though we followed the stupid rules, look what happened.

I wonder if she is married.

They must have been overcome by the recent disasters.

We made the boy our guide.

Kate knelt down next to Edmund, checked for a pulse, and then looked up and shook his head.

I think it's a little too cold to go on a picnic.

Are you sure everything's OK?

Surprisingly, he was good at singing.

I gave him a choice.


I'm just glad I could help.

Thomas asked her husband to grow a mustache like Elizabeth's.

I was wondering if I could buy you a drink.


He asked her to give him preferential treatment.

I'm interested in bouldering.

In fact, Marie Curie is Polish, not French.

What crap! Your arrogant comments aren't just useless but also a pain in the arse.

She thinks that she can sing.

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We don't intend to give up.

I don't want to live my life like this.

Texts are never objective.

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How did Herman know that Mason would be here?

Can I have your cellphone number?

Laurianne has a poor memory.


He was surrounded by a throng of reporters.

Surely no one will look for this sentence.

Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States.

At that moment tears ran down the old man's face.

It could take years before this bridge is ready to use.

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Without honor, victory is hollow.

There's only one thing I can do.

The ticket for your return journey has been arranged for.

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What's that over there?

If someone invited you to a white tie event, would you know what to wear?

I asked Glynn if he had a safe deposit box.

Vince turned on the radio.

You can eat any mushroom once.

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It's a question of taste.

I wonder whose idea this was.

We need to persuade Fred to come.

There is little merit in this plan.

He is Japanese by birth.

We can leave after lunch.

Some man.


No one can say that.

I never actually wanted a car.

Tammy is calculating his salary.

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I've told Eddie where we are.


I think that helped a lot.

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We know each other.

I know Spock was there.

I have a friend who works for NASA.

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Ariel felt comfortable.

You're lucky I took you away from there.

I don't speak French very much.

You look pale today.

Novorolsky hardly ever walks anywhere.

We didn't notice her sorrow.

This isn't the right moment. May I call later?

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Now my daughter fears me.

Have you been threatened or coerced into pleading guilty?

I felt hungry.

Let's give up our plan to climb it.

To win his audience, the speaker resorted to using rhetorical techniques he learned from his communication courses.

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If you learn Chinese well, you can go study in China.