"Hilda, your dinner's getting cold." "Just a minute. I'm coming."

Myrick was becoming more and more afraid.

Please come to the counter at least an hour before your flight.

There's no water.

Winston has a great sense of humour.

You never know what life may throw your way.

I think we need to slow down.

I invited my friends over for coffee.

You'd better go now.

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Do you know him, by any chance?

I believed her.

Jin died three hours after Tyler died.

You can't hang out here.

I wouldn't dare come and visit you now.

Summer has arrived at last.

Do you think we'll have good weather?

We'll pick Kenn up on the way.

She tried hard to express herself well.

This road will lead you to the airport.

Arthur was in his early fifties.

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In other words, he is the most able young man I know.

Eduardo doesn't have great people skills.

She denied that she had stolen anything.

He advised him not to go.

Why didn't you just take a cab?

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The question is whether he can be trusted.

I want you gone by noon.

Tell her we'll be ready.

An odd shoe was left on the doorstep.

They talked with her for an hour at class.

I'd like you to talk to me.

I am accustomed to cold weather.


Turning to the left, you will find the post office.

"Can I join you?" "Sure."

I didn't finish reading that book.


I could easily fix that.

She abounds in good will.

It's his greatest fault to be too generous.


Antonella is not like that all the time.

I share your idea.

Proceed with caution.

For shame!

Beautiful flowers have thorns.

My father's birthday falls on Sunday this year.

What do you want, anyway?

The greengrocer is very kind to his customers.

I've gotten used to this climate.

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The common adder is ovoviviparous.

I almost collided with Thomas.

The calf was born this morning.

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You can put five of them across the head of a match.

He's buying that book.

She couldn't convince him to go home.


The police rarely intervene.


I'll be the one helping him, not you.

Upon arriving home, he immediately set about preparing a meal.

It has nothing to do with us.

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I wish Ti would stop yelling at me.


I've spoken in support of this before.


My father put a ladder against the tree.

This dictionary is primarily intended for high school students.

Stop worrying about what happened to Perry.

My mother has a twin.

The bank robbers were wearing masks.


Is it difficult eating with chopsticks?


Shuvra is easily controlled.


She was pleased with her new dress.

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Howard helped Ramesh with the laundry.

I'd like to fire my lawyer.

I know you don't care about Karl.

He was a great statesman and was elected president.

I took a cottage for the summer.


I regret my recent behavior.

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Take a no. 5 bus at this bus stop.


See that guy over there at the counter drinking whisky? He's pretty much my type.

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I have a phobia for that.

I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal before this decade is out of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth.

Do not talk nonsense, My job is very boring!


Thanks for pointing this out.


Shamim pretended he didn't see it.

Don't throw out this magazine. I haven't read it yet.

I didn't know that Loukas didn't know how to swim.


What makes this one special?

Benjamin bought Bruce an expensive bracelet.

What were their interests?


Just don't say anything to Gideon, please?

You are German?

She went to school, but didn't study much.

Your job is hanging by a thread.

Are you going to call the police?

I'm sorry, but I am against this project.

He is a little slow, but otherwise he is a good student.

Will you go to Boston with me?

I hate myself sometimes.

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Who would want to kill me?

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Then that means I lost everything.

Where can I rent a Halloween costume?

I played innocent.

I don't think you really want to know.

What do tigers eat?

Proppants, such as sand, are added to the water to prop open the newly created cracks.

I don't want you to get the wrong impression.

How does Marsha feel about it?

Who's the best person to speak with to file a complaint?

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I have no idea what Hitoshi's problem is.


That's exactly what you need now.

Celeste drinks about three liters of water a day.

I've been gone for a long time.

What should we do if he comes late?

No matter how fair the sun shines, still it must set.

Someone needs to clean up this mess.

You're so stupid.

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I think I'm ready.

That wasn't what I wanted to hear.

He had the last laugh.


It doesn't bother me to walk in the rain.

Juha and Sandy both have drinking problems.

Holy Fucking Shit! My old ex is a thief!


I've been where you are right now.

She's a great girl.

Jenine has already finished the work.


Ostriches cannot fly.

The boy took the radio apart.

The temperature is virtually fifty degrees below zero.

It won't stop bleeding.

From his point of view he's right.

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Jeanette drove his car off a cliff.

"How was the test?" "I thought it wasn't too hard."

Please just get out of my way.

I need you at my side.

We can clearly see the cycle of the seasons in Canada.

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Clearly, that wasn't enough.

Louiqa is much younger than he looks.

I've got much work to do at the moment.

What does a stamp for a postcard to Germany cost?

Isn't that stealing?


He called me a liar and turned around.

Daren is just pretending to be asleep.

Blayne is wearing what he wore yesterday.

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Are you tall?

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We discussed the matter among ourselves.

We haven't seen each other for such a long time.

She was accompanied by her mother.

My father is not always free on Sunday.

Is everything OK?

In a cardboard box she has fruit, raisins, nuts, oats, kefir and canned fish of sardines, tuna and mackerel.

I should've been there for Val.

Odds are you'll have fun.

The word takes on a somewhat different meaning when capitalized.

Our Father who art in Heaven, Hallowed be thy name; Thy kingdom come Thy will be done On earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread; And forgive us our trespasses As we forgive those who trespass against us; And lead us not into temptation, But deliver us from evil.

A gentleman would pay for his girlfriend's lunch.

Scot works as a translator.

The weather here is getting cold and I really do not like that.

The increase in amateur stealing on the part of middle-class youth indicates a break-down in the morality of the affluent.

My life is coming to an end.

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I was very busy last week.

"Do you know why Kuldip doesn't want to go shopping with me?" "I think he doesn't like shopping."

If the thunder isn't roaring, the peasant won't cross himself.


The downstairs was rented to a bookseller.