Here's the money I borrowed from you.

That was the first time I met Valerie.

Are you going anywhere for vacation?


Authorized personnel only.

Please close the door quietly.

Every dog is a lion at home.


That means one of them will have to go. But which one?

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The steep path is the sole access to the border.

I'm glad it worked.

Now, how can we help you?


That car dealership has a reputation for selling lemons.


What in the world are you getting at?

She is proud of never having been late for school.

I want to help you figure this out.

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I heard you wanted to see me.

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Men never cry.

I use the internet in the bathroom.

He is not what is called a gentleman.

I've been told that I should never ask a woman how old she is.

Dan shot Linda in the eye.


Let's see if they let you talk.

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Three suspects have been arrested.

I have to help Anatoly clean his room.

We're going to need them.

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Donne had a paintbrush in his hand.

My father stopped drinking.

Even so, you are a human.

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It's old.


Even Trying was surprised to hear that.

Rodent is lucky to be alive.

There goes another man to torture in hell.


Erwin thanked Avery for saving him.

Justin insisted on doing it.

You can't get a job if you don't have useful skills.


The guy was acquitted when the prosecutor failed to prove that he had committed the crime.

Hopefully, we'll arrive tomorrow.

Would it be OK if I didn't go to school today?

It took me several hours to write it.

Drew and I have to do this now.

I laugh when people mess up.

The Lake Van is the greatest lake of Turkey.


He asked her and she said yes.

You've already given me enough money.

Do you know how it works?


It's complicated.

I could hardly hear what Seenu was saying.

Kees has already convinced me not to leave.


He gave me all his money.


Are you from Boston as well?

Did you bring everything we asked you to?

Did you break up with Edward or did he break up with you?


The bank robbers are still at large.

I want more milk.

No one came to the party except John and Dick.

They'll arrive tonight.

Are you going to do something?

Could you explain it to us?

Barrio stayed quiet.


Giles is very elusive.


Can you lift this stone?

This girl is the flower of the school.

The teacher is right.

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I've been wanting to ask you out for a long time.

And my hands were shaking.

I'm coming over to your place.


The plan is subject to his approval.


He stood against the wall.

My mother bought my brother a yellow umbrella.

We have to go back for him.


Be careful when working with a hoe.

Ariel seemed pleasantly surprised.

We're imagining things.

The nature is very rich in Albania.

Blake's eyes are larger than his belly.


An English-Japanese dictionary is surely a must have book, not just for those taking TOEIC, but for all studying English.


We might be able to do that.

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I thought they offered you a job.

"Now, boys." he said.

Nobita is someone who can bestow happiness upon others and shoulder their misfortunes. That is, for a human, an extremely valuable trait. He'll probably make you happy, too.

Dan had a hip surgery.

I can't get anything right!

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Is there anything else you wanted?

Your mother is not going to like, not even a bit, to know that you were here.

I believe in him.

We're working on a limited budget.

Can one better bear the sins of an atheist?


What can they do?

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Bud seemed to know what he was doing.

What is he hiding?

Let go of your negative outlook on life.

I didn't know what I should say to Julian.

This silk feels smooth.

We must do it now.

What do you want to say to him?

Energy will go wherever we direct it.

She has a short attention span.

He let me know it by telephone.

It's going to be embarrassing.

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Spyros suggested that I not buy a secondhand computer.

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Timo and Svante had a nasty argument.


Ric and Jimmy got married when they were very young.


Kieran hadn't planned to talk to you.


I need you to take a look at this.

Edith and Raja weren't religious at all.

Suwandi became a dancer even though his parents didn't want him to.

I can't understand anything you're saying.

I have my own house.

The accident took place on the evening of last Sunday.

In Christianity, Jesus is believed to be the son of God.


Don't try to pass the buck.

Clare looks pretty sick.

What do I have to do?

Let's go wake her up.

He is American to the soles of his feet.

Spock's intentions were quite clear.

I'm leaving town.


I play tennis, but my form is terrible.


I went to get vaccinated.

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I thought you were going to quit.


We're all stupid.

He has good reason to be against the plan.

I think Joni is interfering.


I've got better things to do with my time than to sit here and listen to you complain.

How long did you need to translate the book?

Many people believe that.

This gift is from her.

They weren't bluffing.

You don't know what Esperanto is?

I would like to talk to him face to face.


He is always complaining of this and that.

I'm glad you understand.

You are to stay here until we come back.


Raymond means exactly the opposite of what he's saying.


They are a good airline to fly with.

Dennis seemed bored.

Learn what you can learn.

You alone can do this.

Is something wrong with the helicopter?

I'll never tell.

Lucifer's filthy.

She lives in Dubai.

What does she think of the situation in Paris?


She likes fairy tales.

How many hours of sleep do you get every night?

It's all right with him.

I continued to read.

Pilot is truly gifted.

More often than not, he thinks before he speaks.

One of us could help them.

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This chair has good lumbar support.

Why should I give you this?

He played his trump card.