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Thank You for Making Us Number #1

The incredible models traveled from all over. The road miles ranged from those who reside in Miami to kiwi beauty Sarah Harris coming all the way from New Zealand. The sexy lineup of STC models left a life-long impression.

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STC January 27th-29th Miami Seminar Workshop

Master your poses with STC posing guides

Master photographers at the Shoot The Centerfold have developed these guide books based on the very same poses they have used and developed over years of experience and meticulous fine-tuning.

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Master your lighting

Many aspiring photographers set out with the Machiavellian mantra “Pity the student who does not surpass his master.” Plastered on billboards, printed in magazines, and hanging in galleries all over the world are beautiful images.

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Shoot The Centerfold Individual Digital Lighting Books

Now you can purchase individual lighting scenarios from Shoot The Centerfold's series of Lighting Diagram Books. STC has made obtaining your lighting diagrams as easy and wallet-friendly as possible.



The Ultimate Ring of Light – The RingMAXX

Shoot The Centerfold and Chimera, the premiere innovator of light modifiers, is introducing a new 48” ring light.Inspired by international master of lighting Jarmo Pohjaniemi.


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STC Archives

Check out all of our past posts in the archive!

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STC Archive

Start your photography career here

Shoot The Centerfold is excited to announce One-on-One sessions are now available between our seminar/workshops while you wait for the next STC seminar/workshop to come around.

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Boca Terry – The Gold Standard Of Luxury joins STC Santorini 2018 0

We are happy to announce a new sponsor Boca Terry for STC Santorini 2018. Boca Terry is not your average sponsor, but one of the leading hospitality providers in the world who provide services to hotels and anywhere where you […]

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Posted on: 10-9-2018
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This morning Phase One DK announced their new IQ4 product line. While the new Sony Backside Illuminated 151 megapixel sensor has been one of the world’s worst kept secrets, it was only a fraction of the critical newly released information […]

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Posted on: 08-28-2018
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nine-point circle 0

Nikon’s biggest announcement in years has just been made. The century-old optics company has developed a full-frame mirrorless camera system named the Z Series. Named Z for its revolutionary mount, the opening is 55mm in diameter with a back flange […]

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Posted on: 08-23-2018
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Shoot The Centerfold India – Sept 6, 2018 (206) 567-4766

  STC India 2018 East meets the west on September 6, 2018 – Chennai, India   Shoot The Centerfold is no stranger in the International photography market, so it’s no wonder STC’s Jarmo Pohjaniemi has accepted an invitation to take the […]

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Posted on: 07-24-2018
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Actian 928-330-1908

We have reserved a few additional extra ladies with a serious sex-appeal for you to photograph with our lovely STC models. These ladies are unique though! Why? Well, because they are Greek Donkeys! By no means can we call them […]

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Posted on: 07-20-2018
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Santorini, Greece is known for its white walls and sleek swimming pools. But nothing compares to Oia Sunset Villa’s pool which not only is for swimming, but for admiring its unique architectural design. The owner of Oia Sunset Villa’s consulted […]

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Posted on: 07-14-2018
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Model Alexa Collins Getting Ready for STC Santorini 2018 – Interview (325) 207-7826

Model Alexa Collins made her first STC appearance during our last STC Miami and left quite an impression among everyone. All the models sparked fire! Soon you can read more about that in our upcoming STC seminar summary, but right […]

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Posted on: 07-5-2018
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One of the significant challenges glamour photographers face today is styling and the style factor to support their images. A woman posing on the edge of a bed or peeking between curtains in lingerie is getting old, even when it’s […]

Posted on: 405-721-1239
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The World’s Largest Ultrahigh-Sensitivity CMOS Image Sensor Next to a DSLR 0

A certain level of light is required when shooting with a digital camera or camcorder, and without it, images cannot be captured due to insufficient sensitivity. In the pursuit of further improving the sensitivity of imaging elements, Canon has embraced […]

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Posted on: 06-19-2018
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A photographer attendee recently shared his latest image sequence with me while coaching him about lighting and composition. I instantly noticed shortfalls in the usage of fill light. The first thing that jumped out was the underexposed images resulting in […]

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Posted on: 04-11-2018
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