S kirts and dresses are ideal for a business look, and for a slim look it is desirable that the edge of the skirt be slightly above the knee. You do not need to work and do not exaggerate for work, but if you point your feet a bit, it will contribute to a slim look. Also, in the case of dress, choose the so-called fit & flare cut – in the upper part, narrower, and downward, finer.

The length of the trousers is important

Fortunately, now trendy trousers of trousers that reveal ankles or are even shorter than that, up to half of the leaves. And this is another trick with which you will look slender if you choose flat shoes.

Formal occasions, business meetings, elegant evening combinations, all of which, according to an unwritten rule, require a shoe on a heel.

Perhaps the sky high heel will not come to the forefront, but practical girls will choose at least a stylish block of pet. But that’s also changing, especially in the eyes of the aforementioned practical girls who value comfort, but are not ready to give up nice shoes with a wow effect. Thanks to the liberal fashion trends, straight shoe backing for several seasons actively collects an army of fans who do not give up even in the most sophisticated conditions. Everything started from sneakers. Once it became socially acceptable to shine on the street style scene in combination with sneakers, a window for absolutely all other low models was opened. Brands soon adopted the trend and began to launch cool straight shoes that looked within the outfit, if not better, then at least as good as some extra stylish models.



We are comfortable in them as when we wear jeans and a white shirt while everyone around us wears a glittering cocktail dress and enchant us with comfort. We walk more graciously in them, and we can also promote a decent route when we perform more obligations or when we hurry to work or a coffee with a friend. And if we are in a hurry, we can run them. In flat shoes, we feel more relaxed. And if we do not feel good, we can not look like that. When I watched the “Fashn Channel”, I saw “my mia” spiked bright-red flat shoes, I wished for something similar to one of our next fashion editorials. I would pair them with a skirt with a strap to thigh, as a reflection of superior elegance. And I was also interested in other flat shoes with T-shaped belts, or those sweet like Aladdin’s slippers, or those ala men’s shoes with tulle bumps, or ballet with belts around the article, or, or, or … Strapless shoes that are now in fashion should not be additionally decorated. One, for example, these yellow ones in the image of our designer Lidija Jovanovic, have a strong effect in themselves. With them, as well as with everyone else in the picture, a relaxed dressing room, which will be in the trend of this season, is nicely going. But even to neglect the trend, the fingers on our feet will be grateful.


Between redefining the chic school girlfriend, embodying pure femininity and evoking calm elegance for spring and summer 2014, do not be surprised if you find straight high-heeled shoes fitted into a very refined and evening combination. If you want to look more, and you are not crazy about wearing a shoe, believe us to achieve the same effect by wearing straight shoe. Regardless of the style of the shoe, the white outfit will point out straight shoe shoes and give them a dose of sophistication, keeping things incredibly light and beautiful.

Keep in mind that flat shoes on the spike look fantastic when they are paired with a pen with a skirt, with a sweaty skirt to their knees or in such a dress, with a short skirt, narrow trousers, shorts and narrow jeans. Straight shoes on the spitz will look sophisticated and trimmed in combination with rich shiny dresses, shorter cut pants with pattern and fine spring coats and coats. Discover the ideas of Dolce & Gabbane, Honor and Tory Burch, who combine flat-footed shoes into a very elegant and chic combination.

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