What is IT Helpdesk Support?

IT Helpdesk support enables clients to provide quick assistance to its end users for their products, including computers, laptops, software, mobile phones, and other electronic gadgets.
Geekstechs helpdesk services are designed to improve overall end-user experience, address tech issues swiftly, minimize user downtime, and accelerate solution adoption all across the organization. For more information, call 1 8 0 0 7 0 5 0 1 8 6.

Geekstechs WorldClass IT Helpdesk Services

Operational downtimes and frequent IT maintenance problems are usual in today's offices. That makes it vital for businesses to fall back on a reliable IT support service that is able to provide personnel with in depth technical knowledge and also capable of providing multi-tiered approach towards frequent troubleshooting and reoccurring issues.
At Geekstechs, we've over five years of expertise in providing extremely effective IT Support Services for all kinds of businesses. Our success lies within the incontrovertible fact that we've strategically enforced our IT service services in accordance to the data Technology Infrastructure Library best practices.

Telecommunication Support Services

Each business today is heavily dependent on telecommunications. Often, issues may occur which may hinder productivity, and at such times, you would like quick, dedicated and effective telecommunication support services to confirm that continuity is broken to a minimum. Our support services for telecommunication embrace -
- Level one Support Services:
Chat, Email and Internet support
Support for practical usage
Configuration and Installation support
- Level two Support Services:
Troubleshooting telecommunication line faults
Line fault repair by coordinating with on-field repair personnel

Technical Support Services

Our technical support services have helped businesses by providing timely and effective help for a diverse technology products in addition to computers, mobile phones, software, etc. Our support service executives act as a single-point of contact for all hardware and software system maintenance problems, guaranteeing protection from frequent downtimes and hardware breakdowns. Our services embrace -
- Level one Support Services:
Call logging services
Call escalation
Information capturing
Relaying scripted solutions
- Level two Support Services:
Diagnosing of issues and analyzing them
System usage recommendation and tips
Escalation management
Upgrading information and database
Step-by-step troubleshooting recommendation
Multivendor support for diverse software systems

Remote IT Support Services

Our remote IT support is a convenient and quick way for our trained support agents to remotely connect together with you and troubleshoot the issues. It is a cost-efficient and faster way to resolve IT maintenance issues, and our secure 256-bit encrypted connections guarantee a protected session to complete the task. Our remote IT support services embrace -
Configuring firewalls and routers
Installing enterprise software system remotely
Remote administration of servers
Desktop management
Windows, Mac and Linux OS Administration support

Additional benefits of Outsourcing IT Service & Maintenance Services to Geekstechs

24/7 non-stop IT support from qualified Experts
Single Point of contact for all IT interruptions
Use of latest IT service software system
Precise security measures for confidentially handling all needs
Multiplatform IT support (web, voice based mostly and electronic)
Extremely cost-efficient solutions
Scalable as per your business demand
Reduced risk and reliable infrastructure