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A collection of stories from Our Better World to inspire you to venture into the unknown, dig deep into the wider world, and make a difference.

Asia is our backyard

Sparkling seas and secluded beaches? Idyllic homestays and lush jungle hikes? Adventure is within reach right here within Asia, and we’re here to help connect you with authentic local experiences, while nudging your travel dollar towards making the world a better place.

Our stories will rouse you to explore unknown territories and encounter diverse cultures, and immerse yourself in the wider world and understand your place in it. You will also discover how your actions can create positive impact in the world.

Grassroutes, India

In Walvanda, a verdant hamlet inhabited by the Warli, a rustic way of life has quietly survived amidst the pressures of modernisation. Spend a day there taking in their distinctive art and the joys of rural life, and help the Warli preserve their traditions.

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Lost Paradise Resort, Malaysia

Along the coast of Penang sits an oasis with a unique perspective. Savour the calm of the waves and sea breeze, surrounded by tropical flora and fauna. And bask in the glow of your tan, knowing your stay supports a school in the resort for special needs’ children.


The Dorsal Effect, Indonesia

Explore Lombok’s natural beauty and laidback charm with a former shark fisherman who has hung up his nets in favour of guiding tourists, instead of hunting down the dwindling shark population. When you book an eco-tour, you support his new livelihood.

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If waking up to birds chirping, enjoying fresh home-cooked meals and being surrounded by nature is your thing, then explore a homestay with SaveAGram in Kerala. Your visit will leave you feeling rejuvenated, and your stay will help empower the villagers hosting you.

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Sumba Hospitality Foundation, Indonesia

Sumba’s unexplored beaches and quaint villages are set for a tourism boom, and your relaxing getaway in this island resort will help enthusiastic locals like Jeffry meet the demand – funds go towards training programmes to hone their hospitality skills.

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This farm in Chiang Rai will allow you to dig into the ins and outs of organic rice farming and experience the traditional way of life in the lush countryside. You also get the opportunity to support social impact programmes that benefit the community.

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