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Keynetix.clud enables site investigation teams to save time, win more work and benefit from improved collaboration by allowing them to migrate from legacy borehole logging software to a modern centralized system.

Your Competitive Advantage

See how can help you today is the next generation geotechnical data management platform providing unparalled security and streamlined project collaboration throughoutt every stage of the geotechnical data journey.

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“Since we’ve had Civil 3D, there’s been a need for the ability to model what happens under the ground, including boreholes and geotechnical surfaces. Right from the beginning, we realized that this requires a different level of expertize than we currently had within the Autodesk Civil product team and so we decided to find the best partner.

We found them with Keynetix. They have been experts at this for longer than we’ve had AutoCAD Civil 3D and they came up with a solution that ties tightly into Civil 3D. For me, they are a poster child for how a partner relationship should be.”

Dave Simeone
AutoCAD Civil Product Manager at Autodesk

They are a poster child for how a partner relationship should be.

Keynetix currently work with over 500 companies around the world

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Are you an engineer?

I am an engineer logging boreholes and want to be more efficient

Are you an owner?

I run a geotechnical company and want to give my teams a competitive edge using the latest technology

Are you a manager?

I manage site investigations teams and want to win more projects

Centralise Geotechnical Knowledge

Standardise reporting

Like you, we are frustrated by how data and report templates from previous investigations are hidden on your server. This data could provide your team with a significant competitive advantage if you could easily access it! will enable your organisation to store your site investigation archive in a single spatially aware, geotechnical repository. To help you see your organisations historic knowledge we will help you import data from legacy systems such as gINT.

Streamline Data Entry

Only do it once

We love this part – and so will your team. Two simple rules which we can help you implement with – 1) Only enter it once and 2) Get someone else to do it! Abiding by these rules produce significant efficiency gains for your team and improves their morale! Instant access to your data in other apps also transforms your geotechnical workflow and efficiency. We want to show your team how to think more by typing less on their next project.

Geotechnical Workflow Transformed

Keeping your team connected

We understand how the project team dynamics and tools have changed over the last decade and how vital it is to keep everyone working closely together. integrates directly with HoleBASE Enterprise, Excel, and AutoCAD Civil 3D and it can connect to other apps using the REST API. No matter what systems your team are using will streamline your geotechnical workflow.

Enable digital engineering

Collaboration for your supply chain

Digital Engineering The collaborative nature of allows your BIM team, suppliers, partners and clients access to project data and be actively involved in any decision processes either via the connected Apps or via the web portal.

Quickly Upgrade IT Infrastructure

The IT department that says YES

Want to; start tomorrow? (Yes) Reduce your installation time from weeks to hours (Yes) get the latest version of software installed in under two minutes (Yes) grow your system with your team without any internal memos or proposals (Yes)! We’ve worked with many IT teams that love – It’s a win / win for both sides of the IT arguement. Imagine how much better your team would be with a “Yes we can” IT partner.

Want to know more about the 14 possible benefits from upgrading your legacy system?

We want you to have the best experience of Keynetix from the moment you contact us. That’s why we don’t use chatbots or bombard you with sales emails. Instead, we prefer to listen to what you need and show you potential solutions to your problems. – Unusual in this modern world – but your time is precious and we don’t want to waste it.

Connected Apps

Keynetix provide a range of apps that have been developed to ensure that you maximize the potential of your geotechnical data.

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