A Driving Experience: From the Instructor’s Perspective

The present numbers of Learner Drivers are thought to be at least 350,000 and is continuing to be amplified by the rise in the population of immigrants including expatriates as well as non-nationals moving to the United States in the first place  Easy Quizzz. The wait list for the Driving Test has reached an record high due to the demographics mentioned above as well as the extremely small number that are Driving Examiners.

The situation is being looked at currently and there is a possibility that an external agency will be brought to conduct an additional 4000 Driving Tests in the time of the year. Although it’s a pity that all drivers must endure such a long period of time before they can sit for the test, it’s an opportunity to gain some crucial techniques and prepare to pass the exam.

It is frequent for drivers to abandon their driving lessons for the final moment , which often results in negative results. The most damaging aspect is the erroneous assumption that the more time one drives, the greater chance of passing the test. If one does not have professional instruction, the chances to pass the Test are slim But more important is the deficiency of fundamental driving skills, which can result in accidents that can and should be prevented. The achievement of passing this Driving Test, while certainly significant in the course of a person’s driving career, it is the start of a life continuous process and not the final stage.

Professional Instruction ….

Safe driving for life can be accomplished with the correct mental attitude and knowledge that the fundamental driving skills are essential of learning and should be taught by professional instructors, not family members or close friends. Doing practice in a group with Mum or Dad is helpful, but only with proper tuition. The ability to move cars around the block and possibly shift a gear and steer it out of trouble isn’t the kind of skills needed to live and it is as far away from the Driving Test standard as we are from the Moon (about 250,000 miles and 400,000Km, sorry as of the last count). I’m not suggesting we should drive around a quarter million miles.

Innovative Technology ….

The advancement of technology over the past few years has had a significant impact on the environment of driving both positive as well as negative. Improved roads and road markings allow for a driving experience that is more enjoyable, especially on the major highways, however, despite the billions of Euro invested in the main roads, Irish country roads will likely remain unchanged hard and filled with dangers for the inexperienced or tourist driver.

Legislation, which largely originated from Europe has led to cleaner cars which are eco-friendly and easier to drive. However the car can quickly wander off and go off its own way in the event that the driver hasn’t been able to manage it in any weather or road conditions.