The Supernatural Sensation of Having Red Siphons

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Each profound framework has its means or periods of improvement. The Qabalist has his aide in the leafy foods ways of the “Tree of Life.” Mahayana Buddhism shows its followers the different “bhumis,” or “grounds” that must be passed; different customs, for example, Sufism and Yoga comparatively have assigned the rungs of the otherworldly stepping stool. The 33 levels of Freemasonry has its model in the vetebrae of jesus a gospel of love the human spine. Kundalini should climb 33 rungs before she is delegated in the sahasrara chakra. The Patriarch Jacob was told in a dream the best way to ascend that profound stepping stool. In Speculative chemistry, lessons vary concerning the quantity of stages required; a few adepts propound 5, 7, 9, 12, or even 14 stages. We decide to manage the accompanying seven stages:

1) Purification

2) Filtration

3) Festering

4) Aging

5) Ignition

6) Recovery

7) Compensation


Blessing is the demonstration of sanctification, of delivering heavenly an item; or on account of the otherworldly way, the demonstration of committing or sanctifying one’s life to a mysterious, exclusive reason and goal. This step is attempted when one, as Kaspar or Melchior, who saw the Star, not entirely set in stone to follow it in spite of snags, deterrents and obstructions. Mentally, the assurance to follow and see a task to its definitive decision can be supposed to be a statement of purification.

Blessing is a commencement which offers a trial of one’s truthfulness, of being consistent with one’s Self, to one’s standards, and to the promises embraced at the hour of purification, which might possibly be as an otherworldly function. When an individual is purified, the eyes of the otherworldly ordered progression are engaged upon him, directing, protecting, motivating, and reinforcing his recently conceived Christ mind, as represented by the Nativity. Constantly lights up the emanation of the chemist, growing his cognizance and psyche to more prominent boondocks, to more noteworthy real factors; he fosters a quicker feeling of mindfulness, perception, and enthusiasm for inestimable verities. The chemist purifying his life never stop scattering from his four lower bodies the weighty particles that tight spot him down to mortality and limit; and consolidating inside his standards the iotas of an ethereal nature, helpful for his working in higher planes of cognizance.


Purging is the aftereffect of the eating regimen, the otherworldly discipline which the chemist attempts. By severe adherence to the laws of a profound moral code, the course of decontamination goes in progress. Cleansing is handled under three standards:

1) The raising of the vibratory paces of the nuclear designs and molecules inside the lower parts of Man.

2) The scattering of foul matter and poisons which debases the sheaths.

3) The counteraction of the growth of weighty particles which densifies the sheaths and buries the spirit.

In recondite Christianity, sanitization is addressed by the Submersion. The spirit being washed in the liquids of the Vast Ocean, bit by bit changes its pieces of clothing into Christ substance, and arises into another universe of Light. The main Adam wore garments of skin, the last Adam wears the attire of the otherworldly body. Filtration is an on-going cycle. It never stops as development never ends to the mark of non-movement.

Debasement in Man brings about a negative mentality and way of behaving, a “tamasic” articulation that makes a man slow in his ways. Records of karmic sins stop in the heart seed molecule and in the four lower standards. To the visionary eye, these are viewed as blackish-grayish mists looking like the contamination radiating from a modern place. The chemist decontaminates and cleanses these astral, physical, and mental poisons from his framework by living as one with the Tao, and by attempted profound activities intended to scrub his being. The dull substances forestalls man’s association with God, and with the opportunity to work in higher planes of awareness. Love, Life, and Light are cleansers that washes and immerses the spirit in the Waterway Jordon. Such heavenly characteristics ought to be permitted to unfurl inside one’s tendency.