Youth Football the Texas Tech Mike Leach Way

Many of you probable watched that awesome Texas Tech-Texas game Saturday evening like I did. The sheer enjoyment fee of the sport alone changed into worth the time funding, with Michael Crabtree scoring the winning touchdown on a thrilling play with just 1 second left on the clock. Mike Leach is a story unto itself, absolutely a person that follows the beat of a exclusive drummer. On the Texas side of the ball, athletes abound and Mack Brown is a true gentleman, a modern-day statesman of the sport.

The Youth Football Lesson in This

As teenagers soccer coaches what can we analyze from Coach Leach? First permit’s search for a second at Coach Leach’s background. With the exception of three hundred and sixty five days of sitting at the bench of his High School football team as a Junior, he by no means played prepared soccer. He Games were given his Bachelors at BYU after which his Law Degree from Pepperdine. At age 25, married, with his 2nd baby on the manner he comes to a decision he desires to be a College Football educate. Yeah right, After stops at College of the Desert, Cal Poly, Iowa Wesleyan, Valdosta State, Finland and Kentucky he’s now the head instruct of Texas Tech, Not horrific for a self defined “Christian with serious obedience troubles”. He seems to look at matters from a barely special perspective, perhaps even a form of an “outsiders” standpoint.

He has amassed a 74-37 document at a college that hardly ever, no let’s rephrase that, never gets the top tier or maybe 2d tier expertise in the state of Texas. Those players are reserved for Texas, Oklahoma and Texas A&M. Those youngsters go to the huge money, massive stadium, huge culture colleges, no longer to Texas Tech and it’s tiny 57.000 seat stadium with a masked pirate Zorro mascot. Just attending to Lubbock is a primary task, like something out of one of those “Dead Zone” classified ads, the place not one of the Big 12 Media crews relish going.

Leach does it with quarterbacks nobody else wishes, 6 foot kids with gives to just Tech and perhaps a mid essential school. He has started out some of quarterbacks for just one season, many being fifth 12 months seniors like BJ Symons, who surpassed for fifty two touchdowns in his best yr as a starter. The following season Symons was replaced with the aid of some other fifth year senior, Sonny Cumbie, who handed for 4.742 yards, the sixth first-class in NCAA records. This season Cody Hodges a 5th year senior with four years of bench sitting enjoy is main Tech’s quest for it is first ever Big 12 Title or even a shot on the National Championship.

Now what does this all suggest to us adolescents football coaches?

The Leach Formula

Mike Leach saw whilst he came to Texas Tech, that there has been no manner he could ever be able to match up with Texas, Oklahoma, A&M and the big boys by means of doing extra of what they were doing. He become usually going to need to settle for the second one and 0.33 tier players. He targeted on bringing in speedy, smart children that have been perhaps a chunk undersized or extraordinary fashioned, kids that maybe failed to look like football players. Certainly former bag of bones quarterback Kliff Kingsbury fit that mold. He appeared like he would want weights in his shoes to hold him down when the stiff winds of West Texas blew around Lubbock. Listed at one hundred seventy five kilos, this weight range was about as correct as the weight indexed on a 45 yr vintage lady’s drivers license. Tech going for walks again Taurean Henderson regarded more like a thin Munchkin from the Wizard of Oz with simply awful hair than a Big 12 Running Back.

How do you win with talent like this? I’m positive that is what Leach asked himself 10 years in the past while he commenced at Tech,

This is What He Did:

He widened the offensive line splits, so his diminutive quarterbacks would have lanes they may see and throw thru in addition to to make the rims to this point outside that his quarterbacks might have extra time in opposition to the extraordinary athleticism many Big 12 Defensive Ends have. Over the route of a recreation those lengthy skip rushes tire out these vast protecting ends so by using the fourth zone his quarterbacks have all day to throw. The offensive line splits vary dramatically from three to 9 ft. This also gave his smaller offensive linemen pleasant angles for those huge defensive linemen aligned inside the gaps.