Help with your homework: Is it harmful or useful to your child?

Nationwide, there are many voices about work overload. But we cannot deny the fact that homework is and is still an integral part of our education system. Today, there are even most of the people who deeply believe in him and support his cause.
Studies show that children are more likely to succeed in their research if they are more active in their work and help them complete their work. Even hiring an online tutor makes it easy for parents and children to get the job done. In fact, it’s a two-way path for the whole family to better interact, communicate and understand each other. Other benefits of assigning tasks are:

This will help students confirm what they have learned in class, put it into practice, and prepare for the next day. It teaches them self-discipline and responsibility. Improves your child’s memory and thinking. It provides a more practical approach to deeper research and research on topics, such as in terms of projects and reports. However, this is just one side of the coin. When we analyze it in a practical way, we all get different pictures together. To quote the autho homework service Alfie Kohn, “All homework is painful, not profitable.” In his book The Myth of Homework, Alfie said, “No study has found a correlation between homework in elementary school and academic performance, and there is little reason to believe that homework is needed in high school. In fact, interest diminishes. I even do it in leather. ” Even for some families, homework can be a burden on its own. It’s pretty common these days, especially when parents work outside. In this case, parents literally have to fight for their children to complete their homework.
So what is the profit? Well, it’s in the fact that homework is definitely an integral part of our student life, but teachers need to be careful not to overload it. For example, the proper amount of homework is directly proportional to the child’s age and ability. According to a survey, students may take 20-30 minutes to do their homework up to grade 2, but 30-60 minutes is sufficient for grades 3-6. However, from grade 7 onwards, students are expected to spend extra time doing their homework. Parental involvement in the education of a child can increase enthusiasm for learning. Parents busy with work can get help from an online tutor. Especially for subjects such as mathematics, science, and English. Online education is always a good choice if both children and parents can participate from the comfort of their home.