How to Get More Out of Your Video Game Console With Emulation

Are you a little annoyed with the existing games. After all, they are developed by others and everything within it was designed previously which can’t be changed by players. Maybe someone like you who is in pursuit of excitement wants to create a brand new game, in which your personal idea, concept and image can be shown and shared with others. It seems very difficult for ordinary Atari 7800 Roms ROMs persons to do that, some people are creative and want to design games. With the development of technology today you guys can create GB/GBC games for yourselves.

1. Make sure that you have installed Java Virtual Machine of SUN (you can download it from, keeping in mind that it needs to log out or reset the system after installing. It means that the setup process has been completed when you see all files of java have changed to the icons of java bans. Just make sure that the edition you download is 1.5 or higher

2. Download MeBoyBuilder.jar

3. Double click the MeBoyBuilder.jar

4. Select the key “Add ROM”, then opt the ROM you want to add and press OK key. It will ask you whether to continue to add, just repeat the operation and you’ll complete the “n” and “1” game package. However, you’d better pack up only one game a time, or your computer will run pretty slow when several games are packed up togethter to run.

5. Opt “finish” to end. Then introduce the file meboy.jar which is generated after packing to your mobile phone.

It is personally tested by me and it is really easy to make a game that can be played. But it needs to noted that some mobile phones do not run it very well (the bigger the frames, greater the speed), especially the big GB games.

All in all, if you like to do it yourself, you can find much highlight delight in it.