How to Make Money Handicapping Horse Races and the Future of Racing, Truth From an Old Timer

Speed factors are often neglected as a way to handicap horse races. Some people think that they’re old-fashioned and now not applicable, but nothing will be further from the truth. Speed factors, together with race fractions and pace figures, can help you to understand what is going to manifest in a race. Understanding the race situation will assist you to pick many winners at properly fees.

As you probable already realize, velocity points indicate a horses walking style. Horses are creatures of dependancy and normally have a particular fashion of jogging a race. Some horses gun to the front and prefer to be the leader. Others will run near the front with an amazing flip of early velocity even as others might also close from the again of the percent.

Speed factors let you know which sort of walking style each horse uses. Because the horses each have a selected part of the % they need to run in, they may do almost anything to be there and this is the key. When you integrate pace figures and or race fractions you’ll start to recognize what a runner’s probabilities are of preserving its position and having sufficient strength left at the end of the race to finish nicely.

Let’s examine a hypothetical situation to illustrate how you could use pace points to discover a winner. Let’s say there is a race with several the front runners within the race. A examine the fractions that they set in their final races and the way aggressive they had been with the ones fractions will show us the contenders from the pretenders.

Shall we embrace horse A has been chelsea vs wolves tickets burning up the tune with a quarter fraction of 21 and a 1/2 mile at 47 and completing well at 1:10 for a six furlong race.

Horse B, also a the front runner has simplest managed 22 at the region and 47.3 at the half

horse C has even worse fractions with a 22.2 and a forty eight

Neither horse B or C has finished a race in much less than 1:11.

It is beginning to look like trying to keep up with horse A within the early tiers of the race will tire horse B and horse C and they may lose the race, possibly even failing to finish within the money.

But consider, horse A will nonetheless have to contend with them and while horse A can also put on them out, they may nevertheless push horse A. If the time of one:10 that horse A achieved inside the beyond was in races where there wasn’t plenty early speed, then horse A may additionally nevertheless manage to preserve on and win, but will it’s capable of manage a final time of 1:10 flat and win?

The key to that is to have a look at the horses who near from off the pace and to peer if they are able to stay near sufficient inside the early going and nonetheless beat horse A’s time within the stretch, or very last time. A appearance a the alternative horses suggests that horse D does certainly run from off the tempo and yet his time within the fractions continues to be competitive. He has been aggressive jogging fractions of 22.Three and forty seven.1 and controlled to finish the race with a 1:10.1.

Now you, as a handicapper, recognize how the race is beginning to shape up. You know there may be 3 horses vying for the lead and expending loads of electricity inside the early going. The query is, will horse A keep on and control to preserve off horse D inside the stretch run. It definitely looks as if it will likely be near, would not it? This is the beauty of the usage of velocity points along with pace figures or fractions. You should have controlled the same calculations using pace figures in place of fractions and