Solar teaching laboratory box, solar system power generation experiment

First, Product Description:

SG-SP Solar Teaching The experimental box is the development of experimental teaching requirements for vocational colleges, helping students understand the principle of solar photovoltaic power generation and learn the actual engineering application of solar photoelectric conversion.

Second, Solar Teaching Experiment Chamber Device Function

This W Type Ground Solar Mounting Systems is a solar photovoltaic power supply system that can be solar cells, controllers and sine wave inverters. Working principle provides a practical teaching, test, demo platform. Its workflow is to convert solar energy into low-voltage DC power by solar cell modules, and then charge 12V battery through the controller, and also power supply to the back inverter, the inverter converts 12V direct current to 220V AC power, supply various kinds Load usage.

Solar Teaching Experiment Box Technical Parameters

Solar Battery Components:

PM10WVMP18.0VIMP0.56AVOC22.30ISC0.60A2, Battery Capacity : 12V / 7AH 3, Solar Controller Rated output voltage, current: 12V / 2A; Battery overter protection: 14.40 ± 0.2V, restore 13.8 ± 0.2V Battery Overproof: 10.80 ± 0.2V, restore 12.5 ± 0.2V Two output modes: normal opening / closing mode, optical control opening / closing mode

4, inverter

Rated input voltage: 10 ~ 15V

Rated output voltage: AC220V ± 10%, 50Hz ± 3Hz; DC5V

Output waveform: sine Wave

Rated output power: 150W

Low pressure shutdown: 9V ~ 10V

Overall shutdown: 14.5 ~ 15.5

Temperature protection: ≥65 Change efficiency: \u0026 gt; 90%

Protection function: overload, overvoltage, short circuit, low pressure, high temperature, reverse

5, input voltage: AC220V / 50Hz

6, Working Environment: 0 ° C ~ 40 ° C, ≤85% RH 7. Size: 46 cm * 35 cm * 16cm 8. Weight: About 9.5 KG

Four,Solar Teaching Experiment Chamber Experimental Content

2, the environment on photovoltaic conversion effect

3, solar cell direct load experiment 4, controller working principle experiment

5, controller overshoot protection experiment

6, controller’s over-protection experiment

7Two output modes experiments of the controller

8, the low pressure protection experiment of the inverter

9, an overvoltage protection experiment of the inverter

10, reverseOutput experiment

11, solar photovoltaic system electrical load experiment

12, photovoltaic control type solar system power generation experiment