Stamping parts processing factory says the steps of punching

The main purpose of the mold disassembly in the stamping parts is to unclear all the molds and improve the interconnection between the parts and the assembly relationship between the mold;

The processed process of stamping parts processing plant grade-grade molding process, injective discharge, guide column guide sleeve, starting with a fixed sheet for the pinning pin or pin adjustment; [ 1 Relationship

The corresponding relationship between the cartridge, the pin, the position, and their corresponding relationship thereof on the discharge plate;

Second, do a good job after removal The mold portion;

1, remove the fastening screw and cylindrical pin of the conductive plate, remove the conductor plate;

2, by the bottom surface of the lower mold seat Knock the cylindrical pin, release the fastening screw;

3, remove the sheet stamping parts of the reflex die; separate the concave mode and the lower mold seat;

Third, do a good sign The upper mold portion;

1 Solid screw;

3, the relationship between the pad and the fixed plate hole and the aperture;

4, unpacking the convex mode and the fixed plate, observe the convex mode structure and convex mode and fixing plate Connection relationship, removal of the handle;

Fourth, stamping parts assembly mold

1, load the mold to be used in the upper mold seat;

2, mounting the mounting plate into the fixing plate, and insert the flex mold mounted into the fixed plate into the concave mode to check if the assembly is correct, check whether the gap is uniform; 3, assembled downward; 4, put the concave mold on the lower mold seat, but do not screw too tight; 5, load the concave mold pin, tighten the tightening screw 6, put the conductive plate on the concave mode, screw the screw but do not screw too tight; 7, load the cylindrical pin and tighten the fastening screw, load the foil pin 8, assembly upper mold;

9, the lower mold is placed flat on the workbench in the working position, placed on the edge of the hole above the die. Upper parallel space block;

10, press the lance on the lamination, pad and close the mold seat by the mark;

11, tighten the mold fastening screw, but don’t Tightening;


13, the mold, the end of the entire molding process;