Top 5 Date Ideas For Music Lovers in London

You’ve met a lovely girl or boy, swapped numbers and are looking to make plans for a date but where to meet the two of them? Every single traditional idea for dating such as “drinks”, “dinner” or “watching films” seem so boring and you’re looking to impress with your choice, but if you’re music enthusiast, then you’re lucky to be in the right place. We’ve explored the city to find some ideas for dating with something different.

  1. British Music Experience at The O2

It is a should-see for those who consider themselves an avid music fan. The exhibit focuses on how music and pop culture has shaped Britain’s culture in the last 70 years, and is also a great hands-on. If you’re an aspiring musician, you’ll enjoy this Gibson Interactive Studio where Blur themselves will instruct you on ways to perform the legendary Song 2 (alright it’s a video, but it’s still a great one!) If you’re already proficient in creating sweet, sweet music why not ask your friend to jam?

  1. 100 Club

If you’re looking for something smaller and more central location, go for the 100 Club on Oxford Street. The 100 Club is a historic venue for music. It will be celebrating its 69th anniversary this year, and has been anything from a 1940’s swing club to hosting the the first International Punk Festival. The decor has remained the same from the 1970’s on, we’re certainly not declaring it to be fancy however, as a music fan in London it’s a right of passage that every person must experience every once in their life.trial separation checklist

  1. Musical Bingo

The event is held in a an exciting new Shoreditch venue Concrete, music bingo is not for grandmas. Do not be fooled by numbers. They have a different approach in E2. Your bingo card has the songs on it, which you need to recognize from the music that the DJ plays. If you’ve won an empty house, you can step on the dance floor to take home your prize. This isn’t only a perfect night out for music lovers, but also for foodies. You can kill two birds with one stone by going Concrete’s neighbor upstairs, Pizza East. Pizza East serves delicious pizzas for reasonable prices. Just ensure you pick one with tomato sauce or else you’ll end up disappointed.

  1. Royal Albert Hall

If you’re a lover of music however not the beer drinking head banging kind – you might want to consider something more elegant and head at the Royal Albert Hall for a real performance. If you’re visiting during the summer, you might be fortunate enough to get tickets to one of the BBC Proms. If you’re looking for something more light, you can check out their free jazz performances during lunchtime to enjoy a small-sized evening.

  1. Karaoke with an added twist

Oh no, I hear you say, oh no, no, no, no, no, no. I’m not going to sing before my girlfriend I’m trying to impress. This isn’t a date for a music enthusiast. It could be. KaraUke is karaoke but with an extra twist. Instead of singing Total Eclipse of The Heart in a somewhat off-key backing track, with KaraUke you’ll be accompanied by your own ukulele group, changing the karaoke experience to Harakiri to something much more fun, and even enjoyable. It’s possible that if all works out, you could conclude the evening by singing the possibility of a duet.